Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

you, take me the way i am

i love the way you say good morning...and the way you call my baby.

thanks - for taking me the way i am.

Monday, March 24, 2008

happy (late) easter!

ok - so i'm a loser and didn't take a single picture on easter. whatever. it was rainy out anyway :]

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

right now, on my playlist

She&Him by Zooey Deschanel (you know, singing girl in elf.) her voice kicks ass.
ingrid michaelson - her voice pretty much rocks too (even if the video is full of clowns...i can look past that.)
mika - ok the video is really strange, but something about this song makes me smile.
feist - the more songs i hear of hers, the more i regret buying her cd for dad instead of myself :]

Monday, March 17, 2008

when nate's not around....

i get myself into downloading WAY too many itunes...and spilling black nail polish all over the place...

speaking of itunes...i just downloaded a britney spears song...what the hell? i think i'm delusional...because i'm totally happy about it...and i'm about to download a miley cyrus song. and am totally happy about that too...i think i might be sick.

and for those of you keeping track...TA DAH! our first 'official' finished product:

woop, woop! you can see more pictures of it here.

happy st patty's day!

Lessons Learned

This weekend was the our first wedding for janetINK. If I could use one word to describe it: disasterous. Luckily, it wasn't all in vain because we did learn some very important lessons:

1. Goldendoodles have Houdini-like powers.
2. When asking friends to help fold/glue cups, do some quality control. Thank god for them helping me assemble but...I did end up with a few wonky ones I had to throw away. Which made us end up with EXACTLY 192 cups (the EXACT amount we needed. We started out with 200.)
3. Strawberries are hard to find in March.
4. Water in your gas line is BAD (and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, except wait for it to dry.) ETA: This didn't occur to me until someone asked me if I was having problems with my new car already...when I said gas line, I meant your natural gas line, like for your stove. I was referring to the gas line at the restaurant, which somehow got water in it. Which really doesn't have anything to do with the wedding at all, but it's just another thing that happened to Janet and I on Saturday...and it was disasterous enough for mentioning.
5. A grouchy Sophie is a bad omen. Watch for ear infections and projectile vomiting.
6. Once you track down strawberries in March (thank you Costco!) they are frighteningly expensive to buy at retail price.
7. When melting chocolate for dipping, you MUST use the candy coated kind. Any old baking chocolate doesn't work (this one was a hard one to figure out.)
8. Triple count the number of cups...because you know, when the MEN at the catering company set them out, they are going to count wrong and call you in a panic.
9. Cut up bananas drizzled in chocolate and melted peanut butter really DOES make this all seem worth it.

On the upside: we did it. And we'll be MUCH better prepared for next time.

Nate learned a little lesson last week that I forgot to share (and believe me, it's too juicy not to!)

Lesson learned: When at the job site, wait until you get home to take your dirty shirt off. Because you never know, you may end up taking your shirt off, then locking yourself out of the car. While it's running. In the freezing cold rain. Then you have to wait for your girlfriend to come rescue you (and know that said girlfriend is going to tell EVERYONE.) I learned a little lesson too: ALWAYS, ALWAYS carry your camera. I didn't have mine that day, so no picture of sad Nate huddled next to his car, shirtless. I'd give my left hand for a picture of that.

ETA: Pictures of cups with dipped strawberry to come...oh ya, and happy St. Patty's Day (no, I'm not wearing green ok? I'm wearing purple, alright? Freaking sue me, I forget one holiday and people go batty.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i <3 cherry redd

it's this totally radtastic little boutique downtown and i LOOOOOVE it. it's got a very retro-punk 50s style to it...which is, you know...right up my alley :]

(nate got me this little gem when we were there on sunday - it's actually a cigarette holder, but i use it to hold all my punch cards.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

never a dull moment in the henry household

three year old twins + bottle of baby powder = MEGA disaster.

god, i love my ferrets. i can CAGE them. apparently, caging your three year old is sort of frowned upon. go figure.

(i love how sophie is all smiley and proud. come to find out, SHE was the one who dumped the powder all over jack...hence, the smile.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

back to business...well, sort of.

alright not really. a busy weekend + nasty flu = one sucky monday (and one not so great tuesday.) i'm feeling slightly better...i just can't make any sudden movements :)

so, we finally have a new post here! (after, like, a month.) and there should be plenty more where that came from - we have a wedding this weekend, my sister's save-the-date magnets and two more events coming up! if only our 'real' jobs didn't take up so much of our time...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

why me?

Do you know someone that the mere sound of their voice makes you want to rip your arm off and beat them with it? How is it that my life is quickly filling up with these people? I’m surrounded by high pitched talkers, annoying laughers, dull tones and people incapable of completing a sentence without interjecting a thousand ‘ums’ into it. Is this some kind of test that the universe has put on me? Because I’m fairly certain this is a lose-lose situation for all involved. Someone is going to end up in the trunk of my car…I just have a feeling…

anal retentive

Or as I like to call it, ‘Paying Attention to Detail.’ I realize now that my anal retentive tendencies stretch FAR beyond sorting laundry and proper technique for bathroom sink scrubbing. I mean, I’ve always been really picky about how things should be done here at work (and not because MY way is the ONLY way…it’s just generally the right way. That’s not my fault!) I actually rather pity the new people I train because I am SO hard on them. But that pity quickly turns into frustration when said person can’t seem to wrap their little brain about how to file things properly. I mean, it’s alphabetical for Christ sakes, how hard can it be!? I digress: the real issue today was my struggle with patience. I’m NOT a patient person. I want things done NOW, period, end of story. And I like to think that I am a rather efficient person, so when others find me not doing things fast enough (AKA right this second, drop everything you are doing for everyone else just because I’m a broker and I don’t have anything else better to do) I quickly lose patience. So when said broker (who shall remain nameless) asked someone ELSE to do said task for them, I went with it. Now it’s their problem, whatever. I don’t have issues delegating, but when it’s something I’m fairly certain I could do better on my own, I get a little protective. But I thought, “What the heck, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” So when I went back and looked at their work and it was HORRIBLE (so horrible, in fact, I think I actually stopped breathing) I got angry. I understand wanting things done right away: I get that. But around here, you have to EARN it. If you aren’t making the company money, I’m not going to waste very much of my energy on you. And not because that’s just the way I am, but because that’s what we are TOLD to do. So instead of being patient and waiting their turn (god, I feel like a kindergarten teacher sometimes) they rushed the job on someone else and got TERRIBLE results. Now I’m stuck wondering if I want to drop everything and fix their mistakes before (god forbid) the marketing materials get sent out into the general public or if I should just sit it out and let them learn their lesson.

It’s times like this that I am thankful for most of my marketing stuff being saved in a place where no one else can get to it. If they can’t get to it, they can’t screw it up.

As Monica from Friends would say: “Other people just wreck things!”

(Except with her she was anal retentive about cleaning, where as I’m more anal retentive about work stuff…that’s my way of making myself feel better…sigh…)

Monday, March 3, 2008

more beachy goodness

these are some of the ones i've gotten around to editing...coincidentally these are also some of my favorites. (and lucky for you, i left out all the mushy 'nate/me' shots. you're welcome.)

and for those of you who have never experienced the awesome-ness that is the oregon coast, behold! a lovely little video of nate running around like an idiot in the surf (which, by the way, was FREEZING. i think he ran around to keep from getting hypothermia.)

Sunday, March 2, 2008


just spent the past 2 days at the coast with the's got to be one of my favoritest places in the world :]

thanks grandma...