Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears? Part Deux…

People who aren’t problem solvers. Who, instead of trying to figure out what the problem is (and, quite possibly, a solution to fix it) they just whine and say, help me, help me!

Ya, so the copier is blinking an error message at you. Perhaps, instead of just standing there staring at it and wondering aloud what could possibly be wrong, why don’t you try clicking on the error message?? I bet ya it’ll tell you what’s wrong.

Yes, so this property is both for sale and for lease. Obviously you are going to have to make two entries on everything. Was that really something you needed to ask me?

So you’re computer is running slow. Did you restart it? No? Then why are you bothering me?

Seriously….this is my day, all day, EVERY DAY. For being successful business people, they sure don’t know how to figure things out on their own.

ETA: It cracks me up when someone in the office says, oh just ask Sarah, she knows everything around here. Does anyone ever wonder how I came to know ‘everything?’ I clicked on the damn error messages and read them!

and...back my popular demand...a belly shot.

i'm really starting to outgrow my pants now :(


I felt the baby today…

Actually, I’m fairly certain I’ve been feeling it for awhile now. I noticed a weird fluttering about a week ago, but thought it might be a muscle cramp (or gas, ha ha.) And I’m almost 100% sure the kid woke me up the other night doing somersaults, but I thought I might be dreaming.

Apparently not. Today (while IM’ing Auntie Janet) I felt a very distinctive…kick I guess. Well, it really felt like a giant butterfly trying to beat it’s way out of my uterus. I mentioned it to Janet and she confirmed: yup, that’s baby monkey rolling around in there.

At the risk of sounding like the worst mother ever (or at the very least, having zero maternal instincts.) The whole ‘feeling the baby move’ thing? I have to say, not a big fan. Not that it’s not exciting to finally ‘feel’ evidence of the little squirt that’s living under my tank top rent-free, it is. It’s just…not quite what I was expecting. It doesn’t hurt per say, but…well it doesn’t feel good. Maybe once I get used to it it’ll be less annoying and more exciting? I don’t know. Right now I’m wrestling with being happy about feeling the baby move around and feeling guilty because I’m really NOT all that excited about it.

I think sometimes this blog makes me admit (and share) more than I want.

I often wonder if I’m really going to do all those kooky lame things parents to do when their kids start getting older. On the one hand, I miss the ferrets if we are gone for more than a couple days. On the other hand…I can’t imagine myself crying when the little tyke heads off to kindergarten. In fact, I think I’ll want someone to slap me if I do. Kindergarten is just one step closer to the kid being 18 and out of the house :)

One of my co-workers told me that I won’t like my pets as much once the baby is born. Or that I won’t bother to spend time with them. And I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll do that. I’ve always had serious attachment to my animals. I let a baby duck sleep in my room and crap all over the place for Christ sakes. I can’t imagine not wanting to spend some time with my little fur covered slinkys.

Obviously I know I’m going to love this kid more than I can imagine right now…I probably already do. But the constant chatter of people telling me what its going to be like, how I’m going to feel, blah blah blah – I guess it’s wearing me down. I don’t want people to judge me for thinking that this kid isn’t going to replace my pets. Well I don’t want people to judge me in general, but I certainly don’t want them accusing me of being a bad mother before I have a chance to screw it up all on my own.

Maybe I’m just tired of all those women who tell me they loved being pregnant (sorry Janet, that includes you!) So far, this has been FAR from enjoyable. Even now, when I’m not throwing up every morning, it’s really not all that fun. I can’t sleep, my hips hurt all the time, I almost always have to pee – not exactly my idea of a good time. I’m starting to think I’m not enjoying it so much because I NOTICE all of the changes – I’ve always been fairly in tune with my body (when I had my appendix out, I diagnosed the problem DAYS before the doctors could figure it out.) So every little change and difference in my body is blaringly apparent to me. I get frustrated when I can’t do things I used to be able to do before. And irritated when people tell me I can’t hold or carry things because of my ‘condition.’ Look, right now I’m perfectly capable of carrying my grocery bags. See me in a couple months when I’m the size of a planet and help me then.

Don’t get the wrong impression – I’m totally excited about having this baby. The process just sucks.

ETA: Yikes – I really do sound like Debbie Downer over here. And I have a feeling people are going to start thinking I’m depressed or something. It’s not that. I guess I’m just honest about how I really feel. I know someday I’ll look back at the things I’ve written and be glad I told the truth, instead of saying what people expect. Hopefully my children/grandchildren will think the same thing.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

i've been really wordy lately....

i'mmm gonna blame it on the hormones. they get blamed for alot of things me not wanting to do the dishes...and not thinking AT ALL before i swear while scrapbooking in a church. it's the hormones, i swear. so i'll leave you with some saphira hilarity for now...

p.s....she's gotten really fat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've angered the AC gods...

I’m not sure what I ever did to them to deserve this torture, but apparently it was bad. I’ve held off telling this story for a few days (in part to calm my blood pressure, in part because the saga wasn’t officially over until yesterday.) But now that all is right again in the air conditioning world (just in time for the Oregon rain to come roaring back) I figured you would get a kick out my pain and suffering. Maybe someday I’ll find this story funnier than I do right now :)

Let me preface this by saying: we used to have an air conditioner. It was a hand me down from Nate’s uncle – he upgraded his AC and we got his leftovers. It worked pretty well for two summers but it was starting to wear down. It leaked like a sieve (thanks to that AC, the plants underneath our window were always watered) and every once in a while it would blow big chunks of ice out the vents. So when we moved, we got rid of it – mostly because we didn’t want to have to pack it, but it needed to be replaced anyway.

So last week we experienced a heat wave of epic proportions and I knew there was NO way I was going to get through the whole summer being pregnant without AC. So off we went to Best Buy. Despite Nate’s complaints, we got a window unit. He refused to set it up however (we’re on the second floor, I don’t blame him) so I called the ‘handy’ Best Buy Appliance Installation number. Let me just say Comcast’s customer service didn’t seem so bad after talking to those idiots. It took everything in me (and many minutes of deep breathing) to keep from calling ‘Best Buy guy’ an a-hole. I was on hold forever (and now have the Best Buy ads completely memorized since they play those over and over instead of hold music,) then it took me twenty minutes to explain to this human being that clearly had never fully evolved from primate status that I had already purchased the air conditioner, I just needed it installed. And $112 later, we had an appointment for Saturday. The hottest day was supposed to be Friday, so I was a bit cranky that it was going to be after that, but at that point I was just going to take what I could get. This was Wednesday. We spent the rest of the week sweating it out in front of our fans (and me seriously contemplating sleeping at the nearest Target) anticipating the air conditioner guy between 8-12 on Saturday morning. Saturday morning came – no AC guy. So I call up the 1-800 number again. Talk to another primate. He tells me (in VERY broken English) that there is no work order for me. I check my credit card – shows I’ve been charged for the installation. At this point, I pretty much lost it. I had some choice words for said primate, got transferred to a million different people (all of which heard my very colorful and expletive laced explanation of what happened,) ending up with the General Manager at the Best Buy on Center Street. I got to know him pretty well. To make a very long, convoluted story short – the first man/primate I spoke with scheduled my work order for Texas, when clearly I am not IN Texas. So that’s why there was no work order. Then we find out that the installation guy won’t even INSTALL the type of air conditioner we bought. Which would have been a good thing to know in the first place. Keep in mind its about 100 degrees in our house by this point. So we get reimbursed for the installation order AND the air conditioner (which we took back, sans box) and headed to Home Depot.

Here’s where it REALLY gets interesting. Nate decided he really wanted to get a standing one instead. And I didn’t care if the thing hung from my neck, I just wanted an AC. So when we get to Home Depot we notice that there is only TWO of the kind Nate wanted left. He promptly sat on the dang thing till we got the credit card situation figured out. And $600 dollars later (YES $600. I almost fainted. Didn’t help that Home Depot doesn’t have air conditioning, so it was about 100 degrees in there too.) After lugging this 100 pound monstrosity out to the car, up the stairs and into the apartment all by himself, Nate promptly put the whole thing together (bless him.) By this time it was already cool out, so once we got it working (when I did a little happy dance for the wonder that is forced air) we shut it off and went on with our evening. Fast forward to the next morning when we turn it on and an hour later it shut off by itself. Nate figured since it was so humid, the little catch pan for the excess water needed to be dumped. Nope, that wasn’t it. Then we discovered that the dang thing wouldn’t turn back on. AT ALL. 2 air conditioners bought – none that work. WHY, AC GODS, WHY???

So we spent ANOTHER evening at Home Depot returning the 100 pound paper weight that was our 2nd air conditioner and purchasing a third (and hopefully final) AC. We opted for a different (and less expensive) version, lugged it home and up the stairs AGAIN to discover that the installation for this one was way more complicated than it needed to be. After struggling with the crappy plastic panels it came with (and jimmy rigging them in place with well placed sticky foam and electrical tape) we had an air conditioner. THAT WORKS! Hallelujah! Needless to say, if this one breaks, I’m going to kill someone.

Isn’t it cute? I call him R2-D2. And I have a feeling we are going to be best friends.

An ode to the Tot

Ok – it’s no secret that there is just some food that I love. And lately I’ve been feeling particularly amorous towards my food (it’s got to be the hormones.) Like last week all I wanted was a salami sandwich – there was nothing on this earth that was going to make me happy like that salami with cheddar on sourdough bread would (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!) Now, I like salami just as much as the next person, but there for a couple days it was all I wanted to eat. Salami on crackers, salami sandwich…salami out of the deli bag :) Sighhh…it was great.

Anyways, I digress. This is really about the tots. Tater tots that is. Ever since I was a little kid, they have been my favorite form of potato. Even over French fries. Man, I love a good tot! As a kid, there was this little hamburger joint called The Roadrunner that had THE BEST tater tots known to mankind. I don’t really remember much else of their food (in fact, I’m not even sure what else I ate from there, since at the time I wouldn’t eat hamburger) but I remember their big ol’ bag of greasy tots like it was yesterday. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Sadly, the burger joint closed down when McDonald’s moved in next door (yet another reason to hate McD’s) and their tot greatness was lost forever.

The only other place that I’ve found that has a tater tot even comparable is this creepy little hamburger stand on the drive down to California. Just off the highway in this po-dunk town known as Rice Hill, the ‘restaurant’ (and I use that term VERY loosely) doesn’t even have a name – just a giant sign with a hamburger on it. It’s completely run down; in fact, when it’s not open, it looks like it was a hamburger joint that thrived maybe in the 60s but has been closed ever since. But when it’s open, it’s hopping! In part, because there isn’t a place to get a hamburger for MILES, but also…their tots are killer. Sure, their cook is probably some 300 pound woman named Bobbi Jo. And ya, they probably have cockroaches the size of barn cats in their kitchen. But they make a damn good tot.

Seeing as these places are impossible to have very often, I have to survive on Taco Time tater tots and whatever I can make at home. It’s a rough world I live in. And last night, all I wanted was a crispy tater tot covered in chili and cheese. Mmmmmm. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Nate doesn’t really care for tater tots. Which I consider blasphemy, but whatever. More for me. So when he agreed to tater tots with chili cheese for dinner, I was SO happy. Sure, tater tots you can buy frozen in the grocery store aren’t exactly stellar. And chili from a can is no comparison to Rob’s homemade chili. But dang it, that bowl of tater tots and chili was everything I hoped it would be. So thank you crispy, deep fat fried little potato – you made my day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

boston vs. the heat

i think i'm going to declare heat the winner here...poor little guy.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok, so this is no secret – I’m not a mushy, lovey-dovey type girl. Romance movies generally make me nauseas (Ok, except for the funny ones. But their only saving grace is that they are funny.) In general, I’m just not romantic. Which is really kind of too bad for Nate, because he’s a major hopeless romantic. Sometimes he likes to pretend he’s not, but really, he is. And I usually find a way to ruin it (I have the bad habit of ruining romantic ‘movie moments.’ It’s a gift.)

Well, I’m here to report that Nate did something yesterday that was so hopelessly sweet AND I didn’t ruin it. Not even a little. In fact, I started to get a little gooshy. And then HE was the one that got all uncomfortable :) So Nate has this habit of buying something for me and then ‘hiding it’ and waiting for me to find it (Which, ok yes that’s sweet and romantic. But I usually just find it irritating because I want the damn gift. One birthday he bought me all these little presents and hid them all over the apartment…in retrospect, it really was pretty sweet. But at the time it just felt like a mean little treasure hunt. Especially since he didn’t tell me how MANY he hid and was totally patient about me taking forever to find them all…it actually took a couple days to find everything.) Anyways, yesterday when I got home from work, he greeted me with, “I bought you something while I was at Target today…but you have to find it…” And then he just walked off. Okayyyyy…

Now I’ve discovered that his method of ‘hiding’ is really to just put things in really obvious places…half the time I glance over them during my ‘search.’ So instead of tearing the cupboards apart, I went to the bathroom, got some water, put the clothes in the dryer…then I spotted it on the bed, in all its glory. A body pillow. Who knew something so simple could make a girl so happy?? See, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately – I’m a stomach sleeper, always have been, but I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just not comfortable (nor is it really good for me anymore.) So I spend my nights tossing and turning…and sweating because I’m always too hot (I swear to god, Nate is like a freaking FURNACE. Normally I snuggle up to him because I’m always so cold. Now I tell him not to touch me!) So Nate was reading in his BabyCenter email update the other day (Yes, he gets weekly updates from BabyCenter about how the baby is developing every week. How cute is that?) that body pillows can really help you be more comfortable sleeping on your side. So he went out and bought me one. Sighhh…how awesome is he?

So little ol’ hormonal me got all gooshy over a freaking body pillow. Ridiculous. But I really do have an awesome guy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i've totally broken the seal....

i NEVER run into people i went to high school with. got to admit, it's been pretty nice. well today i ran into an old 'friend' at best buy. not really a friend of mine, but he dated my best friend for awhile, so it feels like i know him better than most. it was awkward. and totally unwanted. and now i have a feeling i'm going to be running into all sorts of people now. none of whom i really want to see. and the ones i wouldn't mind running into i won't see until our reunion. sucky.

on the upside: I HAVE A NEW CAMERA! we went to best buy to get a new air conditioner (seeing as it's going to be FREAKING HOT the next couple days) and since we were there...decided to peruse the camera aisle. found one i just loved. so nate told me to get it. just like that :) he's pretty awesome sometimes. happy mother's day/birthday to me! so now i'm impatiently waiting for the darn battery to charge so i can play with long can a little battery possibly take!?!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

meet Baby Crawford....

another reason last week was so awesome...couldn't share till now since i didn't want to ruin mom's mother's day surprise :]

(doesn't it have nate's wavy black lines??)

got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time too...148-152 beats a minute. it's in there working hard!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

happy scraps :]

FINALLY got around to taking pictures of my fave layouts from national scrapbook weekend. a week late isn't so bad, right??


yup - that pretty much sums up my week :)

(i'll share more later...)

Monday, May 5, 2008

holy crap, 500th post!?!?

i can't believe i've had enough things to say (or share) that warrants 500 posts. crazy talk. well, in honor of my 500th's some of the latest pictures i've managed to take and edit (which is becoming quite a feat!)

somebody's got a big butt...

i love how this looks like he's hugging her...when really, not so much.

RUN! saphira, RUN!

i had great aspirations to take pictures of my favorite layouts from this weekend and post them today but...heh far, that hasn't happened. that may be an 'on-going' project.

ALSO i broke down and bought one of these was freaking expensive to ship, but oh well. i've gotten to the point where i can't button my pants anymore...sniff. but my clothes all still fit otherwise, so i really can't complain too much. only my stomach is expanding, thank GOD! because if my thunder thighs got any more thunder-y, i might just kill myself. anyhow, i was tired of jimmy rigging my pants with hair tyes and strategically placed safety pins. read an online message board that said these bands are freaking i caved. i hope it works, or i am going to be cranky.

so...that's my monday. it's absolutely beautiful out and i'm stuck in my windowless cubicle with an inbox that is ruining my life. sucky.

happy cinco de mayo - go out and drink a corona for me!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Boston has outsmarted me...

Boston is no cuddler – he doesn’t care to be held, especially when he wants to be playing. I AM a cuddler – I love to squeeze and love on my little pets. So there is a constant battle of me trying to get Boston to snuggle and him trying desperately to get away from me. The other day when I got home, I picked him up to give him a little cuddle and he FARTED on me. Not like his normal farts that don’t really smell but make this loud thbtpppp sound in his hammock (it took us MONTHS to figure out what that sound was) but a STINKY fart. A really stinky fart. I, of course, put him down (I mean, he FARTED on me…GROSS) and watched him scamper off happily…it was then that I thought, could he have done that on purpose? Did he just outsmart me? Did I just get totally played by a PET?

Nate thought this was hilarious and promptly piped up with, well now I know how to get rid of you when you want to snuggle too much.

Oh. Very funny.