Tuesday, June 24, 2008

mmm mmm mmm

yummmm...this has to be one of my favorite times of year - it's sunny and warm out and the strawberries are ripe! nate and i spent an hour or so picking strawberries sunday. i'm proud to say i picked my bowl faster :] as much as i used to complain about it as a kid, i really enjoy going out to the fields to pick. it just doesn't seem like summer without a trip to the patch. but don't get any ideas (yes dad, i mean you!) that doesn't mean i want to go out and pick more :]

and i have to say, this one was delicious!

i think he spent more time eating then he did picking...might explain his bowl being emptier longer...he isn't used to all this berry goodness though - he ended up having a tummy ache :[

evidence he spent more time eating, ha! caught with a mouth full of strawberries.

and just for fun...baby boy's first strawberry picking :]

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

week 19

i'm in a hormonally good mood right now...and it baffles me because i've spent the last hour doing laundry, dishes and scrubbing the toilet. weird.

i guess i have my damn good itunes playlist to thank.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The joys of pregnancy?

The baby books keep referring to this phenomena and I’m DYING to know when it’s going to hit me. And maybe I’m just being a big fat complainer, but I’m beginning to lose hope that I will ever know that joy. At this point, the various things I’m feeling don’t contain an ounce of joy.

Granted, I do feel loads better than I was feeling. I no longer throw up every day. And I can pretty much eat anything I want (though I have discovered cottage cheese is NOT my friend – I never particularly liked it anyway, but I REALLY don’t like it right now.) But I guess I was waiting to experience the ‘good’ part of the pregnancy that everyone keeps referring to. I suppose the ‘alien-esque’ baby movements are sort of growing on me…and having an excuse to wear pants with an elastic waist band every day has been pretty fabulous. But those things hardly seem to outweigh the rest of the crap right now.

This is going to sound like a laundry list of boo-hoos, but I really don’t want to forget this stuff. Either it will remind me when I start thinking I want another kid that I really DON’T. Or maybe it will make me realize in the end, this wasn’t so bad. Let’s just say, here’s a list of the things I’m really (REALLY) not going to miss:

•My lovely insomnia. I am tired ALL the time, yet when I lay down to go to sleep…I can’t. And to go along with that, I am NOT going to miss sleeping sandwiched between a billion pillows and Nate. And having to pee SO bad by 3 in the morning that I start wishing my bathroom was in my closet. Nor am I going to miss the hip pain from HELL when I forget to prop a pillow between my legs (seriously, I woke up the other morning and thought I was going to DIE. There is no WAY I’m going to make it through labor without drugs. The second I get to the hospital they better load me up!)

•I’m also not going to miss the headaches. Granted, I’m prone to headaches anyways but I seriously have a borderline migraine every other day. And there isn’t enough Tylenol in the world to make them go away.

•Ahhhh, the lovely back pain…granted, I feel a little like a loser complaining about this because so far, it hasn’t been so bad. It’s mostly my shoulders and I think that mostly stems from my boobs weighing 10 pounds on their own (TMI, I’m sure, but it’s true.)

•The weekly throw up. I am still throwing up about once a week in the morning, for no real reason at all. Doesn’t seem to matter if I’ve eaten, haven’t eaten – I’m going to hurl. And I’m sad to say, I’ve really gotten used to it. Again, it’s not every day anymore, so I’m not too upset about this.

•My weirdo hormones. Not to toot my own horn, but I don’t think I’ve had too many overly obvious hormone swings…it’s not even that I get uber crabby or anything. But some days I’m super clingy to Nate (which drives him crazy. Truthfully, it drives me crazy too.) And other days if someone even touches me, I’m going to flip out. All that and I can’t seem to make a decision to save my life. I could spend all day trying to shop for groceries. I think it’s really disconcerting for Nate – he’s used to the opinionated me :) Now I just give up and let him decide. This doesn’t seem to have carried over into my opinions on what I think other people should do – I’ve still got plenty to say there!

•Feeling like a big fat lump. This has got to be the biggest one (ha ha, literally.) I’ve never had the greatest body image ever but I generally feel pretty good about myself. And I try to keep myself pretty healthy (ok – I don’t try REAL hard. I eat whatever I want and exercise when I feel like it, but that seems to work for me.) Either way, I’ve always had those days when I just felt HOT :) And I haven’t had that in what seems like forever. Pregnancy books talk about how some women feel sexier because of their ‘newfound’ curves. Which puzzles me…what about those women (a la ME) who have always HAD those curves gonna feel like? Well I’m here to tell you…it ain’t pretty. Sure, my cleavage is better than ever. But my waistline is quickly becoming a thing of the past and my feet are fast becoming a memory. Not exactly doing great things for my body image. And yes, I know it’s all for this wonderful miracle, blah blah blah. Do you honestly think a hormonal pregnant woman is going to buy into that crap?

That being said, I don’t think all this means I don’t want this kid. Rather, this experience is ALL about the destination. Screw the journey. The journey sucks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

now that's something new....

one of them has started snoring. every night for the past few days i've fallen asleep to the sounds of little ferret snoring.

i have no idea which one it is, but my money's on boston. so now, not only does he fart (and loud, i might add) he snores too.

and people say pets are nothing like humans. clearly they've never been to my house.

Monday, June 9, 2008

how she begs...

this is her, 'ok, i just went in the litter box - can i have my treat now?' face.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

you MUST listen

i am totally in LOVE with this song. heard it on the radio the other day and have been searching for it ever since.

thank god for itunes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MIA...I know, I know....

Yes, I realize it's been a week since my last post...sheesh, you would think it'd been months or something! I've been super busy at work this week - started working with a new set of people, so it's been a busy with lunch meetings, afternoon meetings and an inbox that is having babies.

My birthday was great - kind of lame as far as 21st birthdays go, but good just the same. Nate and I went to Sonic for dinner (heh heh, kind of white trash, but I really wanted some tots) and then we went to the grocery store where I bought beer for him and ice cream for me. Do I know how to party or what?

Despite my rather lame birthday festivities, I have to say this year has been the best as far as gifts are concerned! Nate got me a new camera (course, that was an early birthday present, I've had it a couple weeks now) my parents got me the new Elsie book (which I've already read...twice) and the awesomest purse I've ever owned! I'm definitely taking pictures tomorrow so everyone can see cause seriously - COOLEST. PURSE. EVER. My sister got me a gift card to my favorite place in the world (Target. I call it the mother ship.) And Janet got me the RADDEST martini glass with hand painted cherries all over it. LOVE. Needless to say, I'm gonna have to follow this post up with some pictures.

17 weeks along today...I've been feeling the little kiddo rolling around in there more and more. Mostly when I'm sitting at my desk or in the car. And when I'm trying to fall asleep. Little brat :) And we are scheduled for an ultrasound on the 23rd of this month to find out if it's a girl or boy - can't wait!

Well that's it for now...back to work. Happy hump day!