Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a few things...

•Boston’s coat being yellow is totally normal. During the summer he loses A LOT of fur (I mean, A LOT. The first full summer we had him I thought something might be wrong because it was coming out in huge clumps.) He looks a bit like a furless rat for awhile :] Then about August he starts to get in his ‘new’ coat, which is always a lot thicker and yellower than it was previous. You can’t really tell without picking him up, but his coat is sooo soft when it’s brand new – it’s my favorite. Even softer than Saphira’s, whose coat is always super shiny and soft. So no, there is nothing wrong with him. Saphira doesn’t really go through this every year. Or at least, it’s not as noticeable as Boston’s. In the beginning of the summer her coat starts to thin out a bit, but always comes back super fast. And there isn’t any change in color or texture – I’m guessing it’s because her coat is so much darker than his.

•Second, I’ve had some questions about what we are going to do with the ferrets once the baby arrives…the answer is, nothing :] When we first found out, we considered giving them to a ‘no-kill’ shelter (there is one in Oregon City and one in Eugene specifically for ferrets.) But the thought of getting rid of them depresses me – they are as much a part of the family as anyone else and I couldn’t imagine life without them. Sure, they’re a giant pain in the ass…and they are just one more thing we have to feed/bathe/clean poop. But there isn’t anything that makes me feel better than when I come home from work and they both come running to the gate to greet me and give me kisses. Besides, look at their little faces – how could you not love them??

•That being said, I’m sure there still a lot of questions about how we are going to handle two ferrets and a baby! It constantly amazes me how little the general public knows about ferrets (and how much they ‘think’ they know!) First of all, obviously the ferrets and the baby can’t be left alone in the same room right away (and the insinuation that I would do something so monumentally stupid kind of irritates me.) Ferrets are no different then a cat or dog in that respect – no pet should be left alone with a newborn baby. To address the rumors that ferrets are ‘baby-eaters’: (yes, I did have someone say that to me!) No, they don’t eat babies. I promise. Ferrets are a lot like kittens – when they are playing they have a tendency to play rough. And if you aren’t used to this, it can be quite startling. So, in effect, when other little kids have been bitten by ferrets, it’s because no one was there monitoring them. Most likely, the ferrets wanted to play and when they weren’t getting a response, they started biting. If I’m lying on the bed and ignoring them, they’ll nibble on my leg to get my attention – nothing that hurts really, it’s just their way of saying, HEY – pay attention to me! Anyhow, the ferrets and the baby being left in the same room are a non-issue at this point – the ferrets are confined to our bedroom at all times, and are only out of the cage when WE let them out.

•Another thing we plan on doing – bathing Boston and Saphira in the same soap we bathe Cash in. We did this when we first introduced Saphira to Boston – experts recommend bathing them together right away (or bathing them with the same soap.) They are less likely to be combative with something that smells just like them. Which means Boston and Saphira are going to smell like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for awhile :]

•To be honest, I don’t think we are going to have much trouble with them. Saphira is too dumb (and I mean that in the best way possible! She is a true girl though – doesn’t really pay attention to her surroundings) to be upset by something new. Boston will have more trouble with it. He had some trouble getting used to Saphira when we first brought her home – but he came around within a week.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I don’t mind answering a million questions about the ferrets – most people really don’t know anything about them, so I don’t care that I’m answering the same questions over and over.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lonely....i am so lonely....

boston has been acting strangely lately...being overly cuddly, spending most of his time lying in front of the gate all sad like. at first i thought he was just trying to get closer to the air conditioned air (which blows down the hallway.) and then i thought it might be his way of conning me into a treat. but it seems to be that he is just lonely. he instantly perks up when one of us is in the room with him. he doesn't really even play with us while we are in their...just runs off and does his own thing. but as soon as we leave, he's back at the gate.

poor little guy. guess we need to spend some more time with him :]

Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

wwe smackdown - ferret style

something about an empty hamper makes these guys go crazy. whenever i empty one out, they both immediately jump in it and start a fight to the death :]

(the whirring sound is their fan. all the squeaky noises are saphira.)

Friday, July 25, 2008

i so so so want these....

i looooove wooden toys. they are just so much...cooler :] and these are just so rad.

ETA: and i want this - SO bad. i totally had one of these when i was a kid, but it was a bear or something. and this freaking cute!!

etsy is a bad, bad place.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

clearly, nate can not be trusted...

with a pen that is. he's been teasing me that my belly button is starting to look more and more like a stretched out eye ball - and voila, cyclops was born.

i'm hiding all my pens.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WHY WHY WHY are all Customer Service Reps FOREIGN?

It’s a long story, but basically one of our lovely neighbors was illegally tapping into our wireless internet signal and I had to figure out how to lock it/encrypt it. I was fairly certain I could figure it out on my own (well, with lots of coaching from my dad) but there was one thing I just couldn’t get past. So I ended up calling the router manufacturer for some help. Big mistake. HUGE.

After being on hold FOREVER, I finally got on the line with….Roy? Troy? Boy? I have no idea, because his Indian accent was SO thick I felt like I was talking to Apu from The Simpsons. I told him my problem (easier said than done, since I had to repeat every sentence 10 times because he didn’t ‘understand’ - probably because he has the IQ of a pencil.) When we were finally on the same page, he tells me – ‘Ok, you need to download a Linksys update because your version is older and I’ll be able to help you easier.’

That right there should have been a clue to me to hang up the phone and figure it out myself (by this point, I’d figured out how to get past the step I couldn’t figure out before, so really his help was pointless.) But no, I continued to listen to someone who I can only guess lives in a hovel in the middle of the desert and has never even SEEN the product that he’s providing support to, let alone used it. And he continued to blindly lead me down paths that were wrong…so very wrong. By the end of the phone call he’d completely garbled my router system to the point where not only was my hacker neighbor not able to log into the internet, but neither was I! Somehow he felt that was Comcast’s issue and not his and promptly hung up, leading me into a tirade of colorful references towards him, the company, my hacker neighbor and the injustice of it all (sidenote: I have to apologize to my sister, since she was on my couch listening to me this whole time.)

Seriously – why does this always happen to me?

Thankfully, when I’d calmed down enough to stop foaming at the mouth, I realized there was a handy dandy little reset button on the bottom of my router – huzzah! I pressed it, went into the system, enabled all the necessary security items and then did a happy dance of joy because I’d figured it out, sans the ‘help’ from Linksys and their completely clueless customer service reps.

So now we have Internet, my neighbor does not (ha ha, you loser) and all is right in my universe again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

see? they LOVE each other...

nate: only because they don't have a choice!

me: nu uh. they love each other.

nate: whatever.

((how lame are we that this is something we argue about CONSTANTLY?))

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 years ago....

ok...give or a take a day. nate and i don't have an 'anniversary' because neither one of us can remember the day we met OR the day we decided to be 'together.' so the middle of july is our anniversary :]

really, it works out brilliantly because this way, neither one of us can forget.

ETA: Moment of brilliance! Nate figured out last night that he is going to be 44 when Cash is 18 and (hopefully, ha ha) out of the house. Which means I’m not even going to be 40 yet! Brilliant! I’m going to be young enough to still do fun things and not look like an idiot (ok, well THAT might be a stretch.) But seriously - why didn’t we think of this sooner??

Of course, this only works if we stick with one kid. Which Nate is all for at this point :] And depending on how traumatic delivery is...I may have to agree with him.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

grandma's surprise :]

grandma norma turned 70 on saturday so the whole family got together (spear headed by annette) to throw her a HUGE surprise party. everything went off without a hitch and she was TOTALLY surprised. it couldn't have been more perfect.

every girl needs a birthday crown!

ending the party with a round of 'norma trivia.' it was a pretty awesome party, she says her best birthday ever.

we ended the day down at bob's lake - the 'pond' that grandma had built in grandpa's memory.

i am so envious of my younger cousins who have this totally awesome lake to swim in whenever they want. for as long as i can remember, grandpa bob promised us grandkids that he was going to build a pond out on the farm for us to swim in. apparently he made the very same promise to HIS kids when they were younger. better late than never :]

Friday, July 11, 2008


you may have noticed a new little something in my sidebar called 'twitter.' for those of you who don't know what this is...think of it as blogging on the go. or a place to jot down random thoughts from my phone while i'm sitting in traffic or something. i first got hooked on it on the image is found blog...nate's witty sarcastic comments about things happening throughout his day just crack me up! so i thought i'd give it a shot...since my blogging has definitely been lacking lately and this is just another way to keep you all 'connected.'

second: saw this today and am in LOVE with this idea. ever since i got elsie's latest book, i've been in love with wood grain. anyone know where i can find some wood grain contact paper? i'm sure some of my furniture could use some sprucing up :]


ETA: oh and in case you missed my twitter update :] send a birthday wish to my big sister lisa, who is turning the big 3-0 today! love you sissa!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

your daily hilarity...

this had me in tears this morning i was laughing so hard (eta: look for the post titled 'dear dora.')

have to say i have very similar feelings towards dora. and spongebob. and barney. especially barney - barney should burn in hell.

They say playing classical music will make your baby smarter…

So what does playing rock music do?

Cash seems to have very particular tastes in music already…which, I have to admit, is a little frightening. He seems to enjoy Sublime, Santana, Bob Marley and Evanescence the most. And anything Nate plays on his guitar or sings…he always kicks a ton when Nate sings to him. I told Nate it either means he likes listening to his voice or he’s kicking in protest, hoping I’ll make him stop :]

Somehow playing classical music to a kid named Cash seems a little ridiculous – playing rock music to a kid named Cash just seems to make sense.

On a sidenote: In case you hadn't heard, we have named our little boy - Cash Thomas Crawford. I wasn't really going to tell anyone, but Nate started to so I just went with it. I mostly didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't want to have to deal with people saying, 'Well I think you should name him this.' Or 'Cash is such a strange name, why don't you pick something normal?' How about, he's our kid, we'll name him how we want! Ok, so even on a good day I'm pretty defensive (heh heh heh) but I'm doubly so when it comes to our son. Which doesn't bode well for him when he gets a little older and gets teased (because, let's face it people, everyone gets teased no matter what their name is. I got teased for my last name all the time.) I have a feeling I'm going to take it more personal then he will.

That being said, I haven't really gotten too many negative comments on his name. Most of the time people think it's super cute :] There isn't really a story behind the name Cash - Nate suggested it one time while we were in the car and I just LOVED it. His middle name, Thomas, is for both of our maternal grandfathers. Nate's grandpa Tom passed at the end of last year, (in fact, we inherited his rocking chair which is now in Cash's room) so it meant a lot to Nate to honor is grandpa. And MY grandpa Tom is NEVER going to die (hear that grandpa? NEVER.) but I loved that we were able to incorporate both sides of our family into Cash's name.

Haven't shared any belly pictures in awhile, but I will soon - I promise. While Julie is here we are going to have a little 'photoshoot' and I can't wait! Ta ta for now :]

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

fourth of july

we kicked off our weekend with a trip to devils lake with nate's friend and his family. i didn't know until later that this was nate's first time tubing and wake boarding (which just seems unreal to me.) he had a blast and actually did surprisingly well for a first timer :)

the wake boarding was the took a couple trys before he was able to get up. he didn't stay up for very long, but he got up!

pele...uncle rob's puppy. she was such a cutie.

fireworks awesome-ness. nate's uncle lives just north of the bay they do the fireworks in, so we had front row seating. i actually took this from his roof...the best view was up there!

saturday (after shopping our little hearts out) we took the doggies (pele and smokey) to foggerty creek. i haven't been there in forever, it was nice to see nothing has really changed.

and guess who turned four on the fourth??
sunday we hung out with janet and rob, celebrating with some yummy ice cream cake :] it totally boggles my mind that these guys are already four. it seems like just yesterday jack was peeing on me!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i need another holiday...

this weekend was jammed packed full of stuff - i'm ready for another couple days off!
busy editing pictures - i'll share soon (i hope!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ah, glorious heartburn – how I loathe thee

I managed to go through two months virtually heart burn free…and it was wonderful. But alas, I think those days are over. Right now I have heart burn radiating to my knees. And I’m trapped at work, TUMS-less.

This is a cruel world I live in.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

from my love love julie

one of the few people who truly understands my love for deeply fabulous chunky jewelry. she's here for a super long visit - her mom had to have hip replacement surgery so she's taking care of her during recovery.

i love that i can just hop in my car and be at her house in ten minutes - being able to see one of my bestest friends at the drop of the hat is so nice.

i miss that.

i can't wait until she moves home for good and i can see her whenever i want.

world beat festival

for those of you not from around here, the world beat festival is a three day festival celebrating cultures from around the world. totally up my alley :) unfortunately it was hot as hades out this year, so we only went stayed for a little bit. we did manage to catch a couple dragon boat races and scarfed down some italian ice - time well spent.

some of the booths...nothing too spectacular to look at from the outside, but most of them held treasures like this:

these were so beautiful and awesome. contemplated buying one, then found out it was $75!!! thanks, but no thanks.

some dragon boating...the company i work for thought about putting together a team...good thing we didn't, we would have gotten our asses handed to us! these people were pros.

we're only smiling because we are in the shade and recently refreshed by our italian ices :)