Sunday, August 31, 2008

someone asked me a very important question last night...

and i of course said, "YES."

it went a little something like this:

(nate got home from 'playing poker' (the big fat liar) and set these two penguins down on the table in front of me.)

nate: so you know how penguins mate for life?

me: uh....ya....

nate: what do you say we do that?

(enter me, bursting into tears as he pulls out the ring and gets down on one knee)

me: what??

nate: will you marry me?

me (sobbing): YES!!!

so there you have it :]

eta: and to explain the whole penguin of our favorite movies is march of the penguins (which, if you haven't seen it, you MUST. it's just about the sweetest movie i've ever seen.) it's a documentary about the mating rituals of emperor penguins...which sounds totally lame, but seriously, it's awesome. we probably watch it every couple weeks.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

your daily hilarity...saturday edition.

it went a little something like this:

me: oh my gosh babe, hold still!

nate: what? what!?

me: i think you have a gray hair back here...

nate: serious?? take a picture, i want to see.

me: ooook. here, look.

nate: oh my IS a gray hair. cash has already given me a gray hair!

(heh heh heh...i'm gonna be laughing about this for weeks...)

Friday, August 29, 2008

i'm still here...

it's been a long and stressful week.

when i get overwhelmed something's always got to give...and usually that means taking a blogging break :]

hopefully i can recharge my mind over the long weekend and be back in action next week!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it seemed like such a good idea at the time...

nate and i went hiking at silver falls with his brother and his girlfriend on saturday. and i guess i can use the term 'hiking' rather loosely. we just went around the big falls...short trip but over half of it is uphill, which totally sucked.

but i felt like a stud whenever i passed someone who was taking a rest :]

and i had an epiphany today...i've been bothered by certain people having certain opinions and expectations about how we are going to raise Cash. it was really getting to me.

but today, on my way home for lunch, i had an 'a-ha!' moment. Cash isn't their son (should be obvious but bare with me.) he's our son - it's solely up to nate and i to take care of him physically, emotionally, mentally and monetarily. so if someone wants to pony up some money to help take care of Cash every month, then (and only then) do they have a say in how he's raised.

seeing as i highly doubt thats going to happen...they can just keep their traps shut.

ETA: this isn't my way of saying i don't EVER want to hear anyone's opinions or advice - obviously i'm the new kid on the block when it comes to parenting, so i'll probably be looking for TONS of advice. and i always welcome and respect other people's opinions - having the freedom to have your own opinion is a wonderful and awesome thing. however, you know those people who make their opinions known and then they enter into a passive aggressive game of wits to further state their point? i'm looking to avoid that...if i listen to your opinion or advice and choose not to take it, that's my decision. it should have no bearing on how you treat me or my son.

whew...i've been wordy lately! i'll have to share some more pictures from the falls tomorrow....happy tuesday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello Hormones – my name is Sarah…

Please don’t let me murder someone today…or burst into tears for no reason. At least while I’m at work…ok??

A rather fishy situation was brought to my attention this weekend and I can’t tell if I’m letting the hormones get the best of me and I’m blowing it up into something that it’s not…or if I’m really justified in being as angry and hurt as I am.

Either way I can’t get it out of my head and it’s driving me crazy.

Some of the kindest and most understanding people read this blog and I love it….and wish I could explain more about what’s wrong. But not wanting to hurt someone close to me wins out over wanting to be completely open and honest. Unfortunately, ha ha.

WARNING: Sappy post with few sarcastic undertones ahead (who would have thought??)

Despite some of the crappy people who invade my life, I really am blessed with wonderful friends.
Friends who stick up for me even when I’m not around.
Friends who I don’t really even ‘know’ that offer me words of encouragement and praise.
Friends that understand me and all my flaws but love me anyway.
Friends that aren’t ‘fair weather,’ but who stick with me through thick and thin.
Friends that I can share my quirky, weird likes with.

I’m so lucky.

And so is Cash – he’s going to have some of the best Aunties around!

Friday, August 22, 2008

being pregnant sucks...

Everything is off limits. No caffeine, no soft cheese, don’t eat too many sweets…going to the grocery store is one long list of no.
Everything gives me heartburn (even oatmeal, for Christ’s sakes.)
I’m always tired but when I lay down to sleep I lay awake for hours, with someone doing the Irish jig on my ribs.
None of my rings fit.
I’m always HOT (even in my wonderful, climate controlled office.)
And when I eat too much, I’m uncomfortable for HOURS (apparently there isn’t enough room for Cash, my insides AND a big lunch in my body.)

Not that I hate everything about this.

I don’t hate the thought of a new life (even though the thought of a new life in my stomach immediately directs my thoughts to Species which makes me instinctively get a ‘yuck’ look on my face. I can’t help it – the very notion of how new people are ‘grown’ is very alien and weird.)

And I certainly don’t hate that this wonderful thing has happened to me – even if I thought I needed to accomplish so much more in my life before I got to this point. I am more and more convinced every day that this was very ‘planned,’ (by God, the cosmos, destiny or whatever you choose to believe in.)

But I’m irritated that I’m already so uncomfortable and I still have three months to go.

I was talking about this with Nate the other day, complaining about how NOT fun this is and he said, “gee Maternal Martha…I’m so glad you’re my sons mother...” It’s not that I hate HIM (him being Cash, not Nate…though I might hate Nate a little bit…) I hate this process. It’s too long. I’m ready for him to be here already.

All I got to say is – you better be worth it kid :]

Side note: Don’t come at me with your smarmy, “You’ll forget about all the pain and suffering once he’s here, blah blah blah.” Bull. I won’t forget because I wrote down every last complaint I have for that very reason. Not saying that you aren’t right – just saying I’m hormonal and crabby and I don’t want to hear it. Besides, I have a hard time believing it’ll all be worth it when he turns 16 and wrecks my car.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

little jackie, across the universe and other random mutterings...

discovered this new..singer? group? can't quite figure out if it's just her, her and the dude, or her, the dude and the whole band. anyhow, i digress. her music is awesome. expletive laced, sure. but still, totally retro and awesome.

watched across the universe for the first time last night (even though we've owned it, months.) it was pretty much everything i hoped it would be :] totally weird and trippy in some parts (then again, it IS about the 60s) and the music rocked. came straight home on lunch and bought the soundtrack on itunes (bad itunes, BAD.)

i've spent most of the morning getting a whole lot of NOTHING done at work. not real motivated to work today.

and i'm currently on a kick of eating everything slathered with peanut butter. mmm peanut buttery goodness.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a random (somewhat evil) thought and scrap happiness it a bad thing that i not so secretly hope that the boy next door accidently trips on one of his hot wheels and breaks his leg?

because that little monster has it coming. the chance to scrap with camille, anne and mom this weekend. fun fun :]

definitely a successful saturday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sunday at the park

thanks to weddings, baby showers, surprise birthday parties and everything in between, we hadn't had a chance to take the ferrets to the park all summer. and apparently they forgot why they liked the park - they spent the first half hour like this:

boston, who used to LOVE the park, seemed particularly distressed. looking back, he might have been afraid we were going to leave him there. he seems to have abandonment issues :]

it didn't take him long to remember why he loves going to the park though (i can poop anywhere i want! i can get dirty and mom doesn't care! i can dig and scratch at everything! at least, that's what i imagine going through his head...)

saphira on the other hand, who used to freak out the moment her paws hit the grass, was running ALL over the place!

so we spent most of the time chasing her around and dragging boston on his leash because he was having NONE of it. hopefully we'll be able to take them a couple more times before it gets cold. they are always so wiped out when we get home and, let's face it - we kind of like it that way!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

oh my god - i'm so excited i can't even breathe

because i just found the COOLEST onesies EVER!

i must must must have this one. i mean, seriously - how could i not?

this just cracks me up.

i might have to have this one too :] (and the picture totally sucks, but it says 'hangin with my gnomies')

and this one, i actually laughed out loud at my desk at - mary, who sits next to me - had to come over and check out what had me in hysterics.

i have such a weird sense of humor. but i don't care, cause these are awesome. thanks to pinkcherrymama for directing me to this totally rad website - you rock roberta!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


how stinking cute is this?? pinkcherrymama has these in her etsy shop and i just fell in LOVE. i know what i'm buying at the end of the month!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What part of ‘no touchie’ do people seem to not understand??

I am starting to compare the phenomena of a pregnant woman with that of a dog that can smell fear – do people have this special sixth sense that can tell when I’m annoyed by their mere presence, so they feel need to compound the problem by touching me? For one thing, my belly isn’t very big. In fact, in some shirts you can hardly tell I’m pregnant at all (which is another thing that bothers me, since people are constantly saying I don’t LOOK pregnant…and I FEEL especially fat. It makes me want to scream, what the hell do you mean? Do you think I’m this big normally?? Anyways, I digress.) My point being, there isn’t much belly to touch – why can’t everyone just back off? And really, people touching me in general makes me go crazy right now. It’s one thing if I initiate contact – it’s an entirely separate issue if you come up behind me at my desk and give me a big bear hug (which is particularly hazardous to said person since my first reaction is to poke out an eye.) Ditto to coming up behind me in the work room and slapping my butt (I mean, really??? This isn’t beach volleyball people, I’m just in here getting some water.) Didn’t anyone teach you in grade school to keep your hands to yourself??

It has never (NEVER) occurred to me to touch a pregnant woman’s belly. Thus making my stomach the first pregnant belly I’ve ever touched (with the exception of a fake rubber belly at an OMSI exhibit that simulated a baby kicking - which totally freaked me out because it looked and felt like an alien trying to escape. Turns out that was shockingly accurate.) So I find it the most bizarre thing ever when people come up to and inadvertently put their hands on my stomach. Ok, it’s one thing if we are talking about the baby or pregnancy or something like that. It’s a completely separate issue when we are talking about…well anything else.

That being said, I thought I did extraordinarily well when I didn’t slap anyone’s hands away at my baby shower. Maybe I was too exhausted to care. At any rate, not very many people tried to touch me. And those that did survived. So I guess we can call that a success.

Whew – I feel better now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

8/8/08 and the craziest weekend ever

as you probably all know, my sister got married on 8/8/08. ALOT of stress led up to the wedding, but everything went off without a hitch and it was beautiful. i could barely move the next day i was so tired! but my lovely sister threw me a baby shower the next day - it was crazy packed with all my favorite people. didn't take a single picture. looking back it was all a blur of presents, cake and more presents. let's just say cash is pretty well set on diapers and clothes for the first 6 months of his life! thank you to everyone who came! now i've got the dreaded task of making/sending thank you cards to you all...sigh.

anywho, the weekend was non stop. sunday i started to not feel very well and by this morning i was in the throes of a full on cold. so i've spent the day wallowing in self pity on the couch (oh, did i mention it's like a million degrees out?? fun times.) back to the couch for me...happy monday!

ETA: oh! forgot to mention that nate had a big poker tournament on saturday (part of a league he plays in every week) and he WON! first out of...60 something i think. he's more excited for the prestige - i was more excited for the 100 bucks :]

Friday, August 8, 2008

throw me nate, throw me!

we went swimming oer at megans pool and sophie begged nate to throw her in the air. it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

jack wasn't into the throwing AT ALL. he was content to hang onto the edge of the pool and blow bubbles :]

so if anyone is keeping's the big day for lisa and buck. in fact, i should be in the shower right now getting ready. eh. i'm sure i'll have LOADS to share on monday. hope your weekend is great!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

because you know i just can't let things go....

i have to make this little statement: coloring your hair during pregnancy is perfectly SAFE. word got around back to me that some members of my family FREAKED out when they saw i had colored my hair (and apparently didn't want to talk to me about it. probably because they were afraid i'd launch into a tirade, like the one i'm about to launch into!) i'm not sure why i can't just let this stuff go...i guess i hate it when people just assume that i'm not very smart. or that i'm young and don't really think things through. that irritates me, since it couldn't be farther from the truth.

anyhow, there is no clinical evidence that coloring your hair while pregnant is harmful (NONE.) the amount of chemicals that is actually absorbed into your bloodstream during this process is so tiny that it has no affect on you or your baby (think about it - if all these harmful chemicals were being absorbed into your body every time you colored your hair, YOU would get sick.) granted, people do suggest waiting until after your first trimester,when the baby's organs have finished developing. (i found some interesting articles on it here and here. yes, i actually took the time to find this just to prove my point. i'm my father's daughter, what can i say?)

from looking online, it looks like doctors are relatively split on this issue. but then again, we live in an age where everything around us is either making us sick or giving us cancer. this society is just plain scared to breath. so i have a hard time taking stock in everyone's 'warnings.' my doctor and i discussed it and she said it was perfectly safe. that's good enough for me.

that being said, i do appreciate people being concerned for me - really. it's nice to know that people care about me enough to get all bent out of shape over the things that i do. but they should also know, i don't do anything without thinking it through. course, i ALWAYS speak my mind without thinking it through, but that's a separate issue :]

ETA: it occurred to me that this post is going to be terribly misconstrued so i'll try to clarify: i'm not all bent out of shape about this. seriously. i just always have to speak my mind about how i feel. and while i respect other people's opinions and concerns, it's my body and i'll do what i feel is right. having said that, i wouldn't do something that could be harmful to Cash. which is why i've been starving my sanity of caffiene for the last 6 months (seriously, i cannot WAIT until i can have a venti frappucino from starbucks) and eating things that are green (to appease the vegetable nazi - aka nate.)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


gonig to an all day crop with mom and janet today, woo hoo! these are from the LAST crop we went to...i know, i'm behind. whatever.

fun, fun :]

and i know i promised pictures of my hair...i'll get around to it one of these days, ha!

Friday, August 1, 2008

someone's got a new do...

and this picture does it no justice, but it's all i could get to at 7 this morning! it's the same length, but the layers are MUCH shorter. and i have bangs. and it's black :] fun fun!

i'll share another one later...hopefully.

happy friday all!