Monday, September 29, 2008

neurotic, party of one?

yup...that'd be me.

ok - i'll admit i've always been a little bit of...a control freak? and i'm strangely anal retentive about certain things (bathroom cleaning techniques, for instance. nate just doesn't do it to standard.)

but in the last couple of months, i've noticed my anal tendencies have ratcheted up a notch. rolling bassinet that just keeps getting in the way? can't WAIT to get rid of that stupid thing. constantly watching the weather report to see when fall weather is going to freaking start so i can put the air conditioner away? - check. obsessively cleaning, folding, organizing our laundry? - oh hell yes. doing loads of laundry and dishes on my lunch hour because the site of all those dirty dishes/clothes makes my skin crawl? - yup.

it really hit me today though - i was thinking about wedding stuff, trying to get everything organized in my head when i had a brilliant idea: spreadsheets! i now have a guest list spreadsheet, complete with head counts for adults, children and total number of guests as well as their addresses and phone numbers (heh heh, so i can really stalk people when they don't RSVP.) AND i have a another set of spreadsheets chock full of the rest of the wedding details (down to having columns for cost and responsibility.)

i think i have a sickness.

but i'm organized. so that makes it ok.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it's official - the pregnant woman can't be relied on to remember ANYTHING

i left the ferret cage open AGAIN.

right before i left the house to head back to work from my lunch break, i noticed that the ferrets were low on water. so i filled their water dish. and apparently...didn't close the gate.

nate got home to find the plunger in the kitchen (again,) all the insoles on his shoes torn out and knawed on, some of my scrap stuff knocked onto the floor (again,) a cup of water on the coffee table knocked over, saphira sound asleep in the hammock and boston totally zonked out on top of our bed.

all in all - disaster averted once again.

it totally freaks me out when i do this. i'm not so much worried about them ruining our stuff (because really? most of our house is still ferret proofed. and most things are replaceable anyway.) i'm freaking out about coming home one day to find one of them electrocuted or something. ferrets have been known to chew the cords of refrigerators and ovens, thus frying themselves. and i'm deathly afraid of that.

i told nate i couldn't believe i left the gate open. his reply?

i can - you're pregnant and you're losing your mind.

gee...thanks honey.

Monday, September 22, 2008

5 lbs of FURY

We were drafted to dog sit for the Putney’s Saturday night. I actually kind of like dog sitting – both Nate and I love dogs. The Putney’s have three little dogs…generally I’m not a big fan of small dogs, but these guys are so full of personality it’s hard not to love them. And I guess they aren’t really little – Kirby proved that when he climbed into my lap and nearly crushed me. So we were relaxing on their couch with all the puppies and Nate was talking to Riley (by far, the goofiest little dog I’ve ever seen. Built like a sausage with tiny little legs and big Gizmo ears, he’s kind of got the face only a mother should love, but really he’s pretty dang cute. Especially the way his tongue flops out of his mouth because he has no teeth to hold it in.) The exchange went a little something like this:

Nate: Riley, you have such honest eyes but I have a hard time taking you seriously with your big ears flopping all over the place.
(Riley, unleashing his 5 lbs of fury): Bark! BARK BARK BARK BARK! (This went on for a couple minutes, with Nate cowering in one corner of the couch.)
Nate: Oh my god – I think he’s going to attack me! Maybe I hurt his feelings??
(Riley, having quit barking, snorts at him (seriously) gets up and puts a whole couch cushion between him and Nate.)
Me: Umm…I think you’ve offended him.
Nate: Hunh, no shit.

Riley wouldn’t let Nate pet him the rest of the time we were there.

And people say dogs don’t understand humans – clearly they’ve never met a dog quite like Riley.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Depot Credit Card Services – I have a bone to pick with you

Here’s a little back story…I like to think I’m really good at paying bills. I get a bill, I pay it (well…unless I have no money. Then as soon as I get paid, I pay my bill.) Alright, so lately I haven’t been the MOST timely person in the world. Cause, you know, I’ve been busy with other things. But I always manage to get my bills out before they’re due. They may be received a day or two late (heh heh) but that’s not my fault – I blame the postal system (yes, I do realize that if I just sent my bills out right away, they’d get there on time but you know what? I’m hormonal and I don’t really care.)

That being said, I overlooked paying my Home Depot bill this month. The only reason we even have this stupid card is because we needed to get an air conditioner back in June. And when we got the card it was no interest, no payments for a year or whatever. Which didn’t really matter to me, I still paid it every month anyway. I just didn’t really pay attention to the date I actually sent it in (seeing as nothing was technically ‘due.’) Well last month Nate when in to Home Depot and spent like $10 on gloves or something. Making a payment actually ‘due.’ Ya…didn’t really think about that…so here I am, ready to mail out our payment around the usual time (which, apparently, is AFTER the payment due date) when I start getting harassing phone calls from Home Depot. And they were HILARIOUS. Random people with very strange accents leaving messages on my voicemail that sounded a little something like this:

Sarah Forcycle?
Sarah Forpyce?
Sarah Fordicay?

And that was it. No, this is so and so from Home Depot, blah blah blah. Just some idiot trying to sound out my last name. Which, for the record, is NOT that hard to figure out people. After about ten of these calls in a span of two days I figured out it was probably my Home Depot card. Ooops. So I sent in my payment, thinking it was going to be no biggie. Except they kept calling. EVERY. DAY. And not just during the week. I got a call from someone at 8 o’clock last Saturday. 8 O’CLOCK. I wake up early on Saturday for NO ONE. So you can imagine I was a little less than polite when I answered the phone (normally I wouldn’t have answered, but I was pissed off and wanted to yell at someone.)

Idiot: Sarah Fordicee?
Me: No. Sarah FORDYCE. Fordyce. It’s not that hard to say.
Idiot: I’m sorry ma’am. (I hate being ma’amed by the way. HATE IT.) But we noticed that you hadn’t paid your…
Me: Yes, I know. It got sent out a little late, but it’s in the mail. You’ll probably get it on Monday.
Idiot: Well, we really need to get your payment. Would you like to pay by phone? There is a convenience charge…
Me: NO, I don’t want to freaking pay by phone. I already told you, I’VE PAID IT. It’s in the mail. You probably have it sitting in some PO Box somewhere, but your accountants only work during the week so they aren’t going to process it till MONDAY. Aren’t you listening?
Idiot: Ma’am, there’s no reason to get angry.
Me: Look buddy – it’s 8 o’clock in the FREAKING morning. And you assholes have been calling me day in and day out over a $10 payment. 10 DOLLARS. Is this really the best use of your time?
Idiot: Well, we have to call for all our delinquent accounts…
Me: Delinquent? How can you POSSIBLY consider my account delinquent when I’ve been sending you $50 every month even though NO PAYMENT WAS DUE? How dumb can you be?
Idiot: Ummm…uhhh.
Me: Look, you’ll get your stupid payment Monday. QUIT CALLING ME.

Now, I know the economy is in the crapper, but JESUS CHRIST. If they are that concerned about getting their 10 bucks, maybe they should fire some of their ‘trained monkeys’ over at the call center.

Phew…I’ve been stewing about that for days. Stupid Home Depot.

Friday, September 19, 2008

hooray for friday!

finally! we've got LOTS to do this weekend, so it's not going to be a very relaxing one...but any day i don't have to work is a good one :]

i'm getting SUPER excited for next weekend - all the scrap girls are headed to the coast for 48 hours of scrap happiness. can't wait! and i've got TONS of ideas on projects i want to work on...i think i'll have to really get organized this weekend so i don't forget anything.

and finally...those pictures of nate and i back from when julie was here. we didn't get as many good ones as i hoped, but i still like some of them :]

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a revelation

i hate most children. particularly the little heathens that always seem to inhabit our apartment complex.

i witnessed one of said heathens totally biff it on his bike when i got home and i laughed out loud. actually laughed out LOUD.

i'm not sure what's more disturbing about this: that i'm about to have a kid myself? or that i'm a tad worried i might not like him either?

week 30

fun fun fun - thanks julie!

Monday, September 8, 2008

umm...where did the weekend go?

First off, my newest cousin (and future playmate to Cash) was born on Saturday morning. Welcome to the family Stuart!

Second...I accidentally left the cage open on Friday night. I woke up to little ferret feet crawling up my leg at 3 am. Not exactly my idea of fun, ha! They didn't tear up the house TOO bad (though I did find the plunger in the kitchen, a huge stack of my scrap stuff knocked onto the floor and one of my tennis shoes behind the bathroom door.) Major disaster - averted.

I spent a good chunk of the weekend editing all those pictures Julie took...I'll share more tomorrow but this is one of my faves:
I wish we had gotten more shots like this but the battery on the camera died RIGHT after this shot.

happy monday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

my most favoritest photo of us EVER

and if i had my way, it would TOTALLY be the picture we use for our engagment announcement.

something tells me mom won't agree...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the newest member of the fordyce family...

meet piper, the cutest little stray dog i've ever seen!

someone dumped her off on the farm a few days ago and dad swooped right in and adopted her. he's been wanting to get another dog for years but never seemed to get around to it. and little piper was just the perfect fit. it is SO cute to see how my dad already dotes on her. he's even thinking about taking her flying with him! i told him she needs a bomber jacket and doggles before he can do that :] or most definitely a little sweater to keep her warm in the winter, tee hee.

seriously...look at that little face! i have serious dog envy...good thing i live close by - i can go over and get some 'piper love' any time i want.