Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year to me...

so i've had an interesting couple of days. went into the office yesterday to say hi to everyone and pick up some stuff to work on from home and instead...i got laid off. in fact, everyone on the staff is laid off. the company was finally to the point where they couldn't ignore the fact that they have no money because the market sucks. which basically sucks for everyone involved.

i'm not as bummed about it as i thought i would be. granted, i'm freaked because i don't know what my next move is going to be. but on the other hand, i can collect unemployment and stay home with cash longer while i look for something else. we still haven't gotten it all worked out, but there is a good chance that i might only have to go back to work part time, at least for awhile. which means no paying for daycare, woo hoo! plus, i've already gotten a couple of leads from a former co-worker (thanks to helping julie and nathan looking for places to live...long story - let's just say its a VERY small world) so i'm not too terribly worried. but all good thoughts and prayers are appreciated!

mostly i'm bummed out because i really loved my job. didn't always love the people i worked with (or for, for that matter) but i loved the work that i did. so i'm a little sad.

anyhow, hope your new year is safe and wonderful!

(eta: picture is from a couple weeks ago, when we first got some snow.)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3 days of christmas...

we spent christmas eve out in dallas with nate's parents. didn't get a single picture from that christmas because our camera battery died. these are from when we got home. we decided to open our gifts and stockings that night since the morning was going to be crazy.

i think this one is my favorite :]

we spent christmas day out at my parents, which was tons of fun. cash was sick and cranky all day though. this was the only good picture i got of him :[ we think he must have caught some sort of stomach bug because he spent the next 24 hours puking EVERYWHERE. oh and puke laundry? has to be the most foul stuff EVER. i have a new found appreciation for my mother.

the ferrets got presents from santa too. boston immediately confiscated all the squeaky toys and hid them all over the room. i found the glove in my pajama drawer yesterday :]

the day after christmas we had dinner with the fordyce side. didn't really get any pictures other than this one with stuart (but how cute is he!? cash and him are going to be best buds :])

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

winter wonderland

the weather here has been AWESOME. we'be had snow on the ground since the 13th - best december ever! unfortunately, all this snow means nate's home from work...he's been driving me a bit crazy. but he's loving all the extra time he gets to spend with cash.

eta: these were taken a couple days ago, right after the freezing rain left a quarter inch layer of ice on everything. saturday we got another 4-5 inches on top of the ice - i'll have to share those pictures later! :]

only two days left till christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

nate - the opposite of help

a sleep deprived nate is a scary beast.

this morning i asked him to put a bagel in the toaster for me while i fed cash.
he toasted it twice.
burned the bagel to a crisp.
and set the smoke alarm off.

good thing he's cute.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

someone's a month old today!

i can't even believe it...this month has FLOWN by. a few things of note:

1. he can push himself up on his arms - amazing! (ok, probably only amazing to us...but whatever.)

2. we figured out why he was so fussy a couple days back...apparently i had too much coffee for his little body to handle. i'm restricted to less than 12 oz a day...sniff. but 12 oz is better than nothing!

3. he's been sleeping all through the night basically. last night he slept for 7 hours! of course, he didn't go to sleep until 1:30...but still. we've also discovered that if he takes a bath at night it helps him sleep longer so we've begun a little nightly routine.

4. our lives are so boring...but in other news, janet and rob are opening a second willamette noodle location - sweet! we helped sand and paint on saturday - i can't wait to until it's all done!

5. that's all...i'm off to bed!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

mornings are rough around here...

for us at least.

we think he's getting a tad colic-y. which means that nate has to make sure i don't 'accidently' put his crib out on the balcony.

not that i would actually do that...but just in case.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

please - hold your applause

i'd like to take a moment to give myself a pat on the cards are sealed, addressed and ready to be stamped. i only have a couple more christmas presents to buy (wrapping...totally different story.) AND i managed to scrapbook TWO layouts yesterday - BAM! i'm starting to get the hang of this staying home thing... :]

now that i've got that out of the is good - he's finally succumb to the magic of the binky (YES!) there for awhile he liked to camp out on my boob and let me tell ya - that was getting old. now he's a binky junkie (and thankfully it hasn't affected his ability to breast feed. nothing comes between that boy and a meal!)

and because of last night's snow storm, nate is home from work today. and i'm reminded that in order for me to truly appreciate him, he needs to LEAVE. absence really does make the heart grow fonder :]

because i can't post without a picture...and i haven't taken pictures of anything (or anyone) else! but look who finally lost his stump - hello belly button!

Friday, December 12, 2008

labeled for convenience...

just in case we confuse him with the ferrets...

hey - don't judge. sleep deprivation is a scary thing. :]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

holy #$%&*!, that thing is bigger than my head!

i'll give you two guesses about what i'm talking about...but i think you'll only need one...
doesn't his face just say it all?

breast feeding - what an experience.

Monday, December 8, 2008

eat. sleep. poop.

life is rough when you're 2 weeks old.

we went in for his two week check up on friday...he's gained a pound and grown almost an inch in TWO WEEKS. holy grocery bill batman, we are SO screwed once this kid reaches puberty.

Friday, December 5, 2008

boob. it's what's for dinner.

muah ha ha ha...i've been laughing about that for days. which is yet another sign that i need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. i walked to the mailbox yesterday afternoon and it felt like a vacation :] not that cash is a fussy baby - he's really not, at all. but i've discovered that i can't be cooped up in the house for too long before i start to lose it.

my sister has been here all week helping me out and it has been AWESOME. seriously, my sister kicks ass. and cash has been awfully nice to her and hasn't peed, barfed or pooped on her. he has not been so nice to mommy. let's just say we had a poop-tastic night and went through 2 sleepers. fabulous.

we introduced the ferrets to cash the other day and they? couldn't have been less interested. boston instantly fixated on the rattle attached to his bouncer and saphira was transfixed by it vibrating. i think we have to be more concerned with the ferrets stealing cash's toys then we do them biting him. phew.

happy friday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


our little man makes the funniest little faces - especially after he's done eating. these pics are blurry and horrible but they are some of my favorite of him...

Monday, December 1, 2008

the things they never tell you...

--when you're nursing, the cold air is EVIL. the first time i went outside and caught a cold breeze i thought i was going to cry.

--you thought you were crazy hormonal before...HA! i cried over ruining some hamburger helper. CRIED. wtf?

--suddenly your body is able to survive off one hurried meal a day and 4 hours of sleep. unfortunately, the same cannot be said for dads. i love nate, but he is useless to me if he hasn't had enough sleep. i'll gladly take the night shift if it means he's able to make a pot of coffee in the morning. while we were in the hospital he would compulsively clean in his sleep deprived state, causing us to lose more paperwork than i thought possible.

--making four phone calls and putting away one basket of laundry is a very productive day.

--and all those cliches you SWORE you'd never say when you became a parent? are totally true.

but cute is he?? i loves him...even if he is sucking the life right out of me. i can't consume enough calories to keep up with him.