Thursday, December 31, 2009


(stuart and i - fordyce christmas)

i never make new year's resolutions. mostly because i don't like to fail. or plan ahead.
but seeing as this is the start of a new decade (and i REALLY like being non-committal - poor nate) i'm making goals for the next 10 years.
in 2020, i'll make some new goals (unless the world implodes in 2012. which would kinda suck. upside? according to the mayans, i don't have to stress about buying christmas presents that year.)

anyways, back to the goals:
buy a house.
grow our business and move into a bigger location.
have another baby.
get nate 'fixed.' (in that order.)
go on a honeymoon.
spend lots of weekends at the coast.
get more tattoos (to be fair - those are goals for 2010.)
get professional family photos done.
take family vacations.
go on more dates with my husband.
and be generally awesome :]

what are your goals for this year?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


etsy is a bad, bad place.
i'm pretty sure both of these are coming home with me. IN LOVE.

christmas 2009.

making countless no-bake cookies.
watching christmas movies every morning for a month.
cash being completely uninterested in opening his presents.
caroling with the fordyce's.
drinking too much bailey's at janets.
leaving an orange for dad.
knitting garlands for every surface in the house.
cash and stuart fighting over everything.
nate's face when he opened his gift from mom.
getting the flip.
making the ugliest gingerbread houses i've ever seen.
piper eating an entire tray of chocolate chip cookies (and living to tell about it.)

even though, despite my best efforts, it just didn't feel like christmas.
but i still want to remember this christmas as a good one.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 feet.

the battle cry in our house whenever there is even a hint of snow.
when i was a kid, there was nothing more thrilling than the idea of being snowed in.
we got less than half an inch today, but it's still exciting.
i love snow more than i love christmas. maybe even halloween.
cash? not so much.

Monday, December 28, 2009

the old man friend.

i watched up for the first time last night - quite possibly the sweetest movie i've ever seen. it reminded me of a story i haven't had the chance to tell yet...and seeing as we are getting close to a new year, now is as good a time as any.

ever since i was little, i've had a fondness for little old grandpas. i just think they are so sweet and cute. even the grumpy ones (in fact, they might be my favorite.) when i was working out at the farm, i had all kinds of old men that would come out to pick berries. a handful of which were my favorite. but there was one old man in particular that i loved the most. to this day, i still don't know his name. but i remember everything about him, as if i had a picture of him. he drove a maroon ford pick-up, his bucket weighed one pound and he would come out every day and pick 12-13 lbs of strawberries. he always wore a hat, he had square glasses and was missing several fingers due to a lawn mowing accident. i adore him.

there was one summer, when i was about 13 or 14, he didn't come out to pick at all. not once. i was heartbroken, afraid he had passed away sometime during the year. heartbroken that i might never know what happened to him. so the next year, when i saw his maroon pick-up drive up on the first day, i ran out to him to give him a huge hug. he had gotten sick and was still pretty weak, but he continued to refuse my help. quite possibly the cutest thing about him - he never let me carry his full bucket, not even that year.

the last summer i worked, we said our goodbyes. talked about what my plans were. talked about him being excited his daughter was moving home. and promised to pick together soon.

in june, i took cash and julie to go strawberry picking. i had just spotted a huge strawberry just up the way, when out of the corner of my eye i spotted a familiar hat bobbing along. i dropped my bowl right then and ran 3 rows over to him.
"you're not picking very fast."
without skipping a beat, he said, "you could help me, you know."
"do you remember me?"
he looked up at me and said, "of course i remember you, sarah."
i almost cried. we talked about my getting married and having cash. and about how much he missed his daughter now that she moved back to bend. it was the happiest i had been since dad's accident.

in a year full of never ending change, it's the small constants that are the most comforting. knowing that on any given day during the summer he's out there picking into the same bucket he's been using since i was 8, makes me smile. i hope i see him again soon.

and to my old man friend, where ever you are - keep on picking.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

can i have a vacation now?

christmas is more work when you're grown up.
but our holiday was still wonderful.
back to my regularly un-scheduled blogging next week.

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry xmas.

and a happy new year.
xo - the crawfords

((just thought i would like to point out - wtf is going on with that hat on my head? oy. ))

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas memories.

these are some of my favorite christmas memories:

i'll never forget the year i was SUPER sick and throwing up all christmas eve. dad stayed up with me all night. i remember waking up early in the morning, looking over and seeing him sitting at the end of the couch, reading a book and rubbing my leg.

the christmas santa got everyone in the family little disk guns (these toy guns that shot red disks.) mom rued the day she decided that was a good idea. we are STILL finding those disks in the house.

how dad was almost always the first one up christmas morning. i would always come down stairs to the living to find him sitting on the couch going through his goodies. we used to tease him that he was worse than us.

the christmas dad bought mom a new microwave but instead of just wrapping it, he put it in a bigger box with a layer of bricks on top. i'll never forget the look on mom's face when she opened that giant box of bricks.

the christmas lisa got a really funny book and spent the entire day laughing her head off.

the christmas mom got me the 'pregnant barbie' just because i wanted to see how it worked (her stomach had a magnet on it. it was really creepy.)

the christmas we drove down to california in the little VW Bug. i remember being wedged in the backseat with all my presents on the way back home.

how every christmas dad and i would go tree shopping together. we'd always argue over how big of a tree we should get for the house (my argument? i remember our trees being HUGE as a kid. his argument? he's always gotten the same size tree, i'm just taller now. he usually won.) and how we would almost always stop at E.Z Orchards for spiced cider donuts.

how every christmas mom and i would decorate the tree together and watch White Christmas (easily one of my favorite movies of all time.)

christmas is my favorite (after halloween.)
i hope your christmas is full of magic.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

proof that someone in the house is walking.

all the shampoo bottles? check.
a scrap of wrapping paper? check.
sippy cup? check.
wrench? check.

the rest of the house looks like this too. it's awesome.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

i saw santa at target the other day.

and i REALLY wanted to go up to him and say, "i really like pretty scarves. and a new car would be awesome."
but i refrained.
but now you know...even santa shops at target.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the nevers.

a cute little idea i stole from cathy.

i've never really learned how to swim (i can thank evil miss nancy for that.)
i'll never be 'that' thin.
i've never loved my family more than i do right now.
i never remember the date that nate and i met (don't worry - he doesn't either.)
i never thought i would have a family at 22.

i never thought i would own a restaurant either.
i've never liked vegetables.
i've never met an ice cream flavor i didn't like.
i never talk to those people i swore to be friends for life with.
i never use an umbrella.
i never avoid an argument.
i'll never be able to watch the animal planet shows where animals die.
i'll never let cash own a snake. or a spider.
i've never mastered parallel parking.
i never read a book without reading the ending first.
i'll never stop missing my dad.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the piper mess.

piper has a habit of eating things that aren't edible (like the fireplace.)
and things that shouldn't be edible (like the cat poop.)
and there isn't much human food that she turns away.
she's generally pretty good about not getting in the trash. except when there are coffee filters in easy reach (and nate says I'M addicted to coffee.)

but today, when we went to get mom and were gone for 15 MINUTES, she ate a coffee filter, a stick of butter from the counter, an entire bag of cat treats, the wax from the little babybel cheese, all of the cat poop that was in the litter box, and chewed up a part of a white garland amanda was working on.
and what's more awesome?
she just had a MASSIVE accident in the house. two minutes after amanda took her out to go potty.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

the cold monster.

has officially left the building.
cash is back to his happy, normal self - woo!

Friday, December 11, 2009

the fun never ends.

yet another thing on the want list.
someone out there knows i'm a sucker. must. restrain.

((thanks katy for sending me the link - i actually laughed out loud when i saw it!))

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i think martha stewart has taken over my body.

because i REALLY want to do this today.
and i've been making cookies.
and last weekend? i made a christmas wreath.
and? i really want to have a paper snowflake making party.

i'm pretty sure there is something wrong with me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the hunt.

we went christmas tree hunting on monday.
it was freezing cold and i didn't bring a saw. (a saw used for metal pipe really won't work? who knew?)
but we found 3 perfect trees. one for us, one for mom and one for grandma.

it was hard without dad.
but this was our tradition and i'm determined to keep it going.
for me. for cash. and for our family.

when we dropped the tree off to grandma, i was surprised at how emotional it was. this was something that dad and i did every year after grandpa died.
and now here i am, dropping off a tree without him.
this sucks.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


or rather, why didn't i ever to think to look before?
because etsy? has a vintage section in addition to a handmade section.
so i did a search for fisher price toys. and found this:


((i may or may not have a slight obsession with vintage toys. particularly of the fisher price persuasion. don't even get me started on the little people toys. O.M.G))

eta: i'm pretty sure cash is going to be completely uninterested in planes, since EVERY SINGLE THING i buy him has an airplane on it.

Monday, December 7, 2009


it's no secret that cash is big. like 30 lbs big. like fitting into some 24 month clothing big. BIG.
but it always surprises me when i see him with other kids his age.
he looks like a giant.

((BTW - those people that said cash would thin out when he started crawling? WRONG. and those people that said he would thin out once he started walking? WRONG AGAIN.))

Saturday, December 5, 2009

this is going to cost me someday.

i probably just tacked on another year of therapy when he gets older...but i can't help it. look at those thigh rolls!

((cash - i'm sorry. but this is freaking hilarious. someday you'll understand. or you'll go on oprah to complain about what a horrible mother i am. either way, i love you! and your thigh rolls!)

the cold monster.

cash has a wicked cold. instead of the usual drool, i'm now covered in SNOT too.
tis the season of buying lots of kleenex.
((speaking of drool, someone's top left tooth has finally poked through - huzzah!))

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the boys.

they're my favorite.
even though they both frequently smell bad.

Monday, November 30, 2009

where did the naps go?

the past two days cash hasn't taken ihs morning nap.
and today he only slept for 20 MINUTES. TWENTY.
if i go missing, just know i'm in a corner some where, rocking back and forth and talking to myself.

Friday, November 27, 2009

she's HOME.

i was afraid she would never come home.
but today, when i was driving home from getting dinner for the boy and i, i happened to see a sign out of the corner of my eye that said, FOUND DOG and a phone number. i stopped in the middle of the road, backed up and called right then.
i almost started crying after talking to the woman who had him when we both realized she had piper.

we're so glad she's home.
((she's been snoring away on her bed ever since cash finished dinner. apparently running all over the countryside and having a sleep over at the neighbors was tiring.))

Thursday, November 26, 2009

minus one.

piper ran away yesterday. AGAIN.
unfortunately, this time she wiggled out of her collar. which means she's out roaming the countryside sans any sort of identification or way to get her back to us.
i'm heartbroken over it.

if this had happened with any other dog, i would have been sad.
but she was my dad's dog. i clung to her when i was the saddest - she had a way of comforting me that no one else could.
maybe because i knew how much my dad loved her.

she was a giant pain the ass.
and there were definitely some days i wished she wasn't a part of our family.
but now, all i want is for her to come home.

hopefully she will find her way back to us.
but for now, our little family is minus one very special dog.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

give thanks.

this year, i'm thankful for:
a busy restaurant.
best friends.
my mom.
the best one year old i've ever known.
a cozy bed in a drafty house.
my husband being able to do something he loves.
and my wonderful, crazy full life.

what are YOU thankful for this year?
hope your thanksgiving is full of magic.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


cash --
you're one years old - ONE. frankly, your dad and i can hardly believe all three of us have made it this far, ALIVE. that alone makes this year a win.

you're walking more and more every day - you still like to hold on to someone's finger when you're walking.
you have started to throw little mini tantrums. you'll wave your arms up and down, make this spurting sound, flop down on your butt and then bang your head on the floor. i'm not such a fan. i can just see you doing this in the toy section of target someday. it's going to be fun.
you still love the bathtub - even if there's no water in it. one day i heard the sound of bottles falling into the bathtub - i went into the bathroom and found you sitting in the tub, in your pajamas surrounded by all the soap and shampoo bottles. to this day, i have no idea how you got in there without hurting yourself.
you still love music - you bob your head and shake your little bum when it's something you really love.
you only have two teeth on the bottom, but you work them extra hard. there isn't much that you won't try to mash into oblivion with those two little teeth. you love fruit (blueberries and kiwis are your fave) and you're a big fan of cheese and bread. your hot and cold on the veggies still. hopefully that will change.
you know the meaning of no - one time you started to touch the tv and i said, cash NO! you stopped, looked at me and then slowly reached out and touched the tv anyway. i had a hard time not laughing at how clever you are. i'm pretty sure you get that from me.
you tolerate the dog, but you find the ferrets fascinating.
you can play catch with one of piper's rubber balls by rolling it back and forth. you squeal and laugh every time i roll it back and you catch it on the first try.
you are finally sleeping all the way through the night (!!!) but you don't sleep in like you used to. mommy misses that.

you really are the best.
i'm so lucky to be your momma.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


one year ago today, at 2:31 AM, cash finally arrived.

and it's been non-stop fun ever since :]
thanks for choosing us buddy - we love you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


amanda is here for an extended visit.
cash loves it because he thinks she's awesome (which she is.)
i love it because my dishes magically get washed whenever she's around (did i mention she's awesome?)

we love our amanka.
((nate has a habit of making up obscure nicknames for people. somehow amanda turned into amanka. which has now turned into manka. it used to drive her crazy, ha!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

the wandering piper.

so a few weeks ago, we thought for sure we were going to become dog-less. to make a very long story short, piper and lucy got out of the henry's backyard while we were over for dinner, decided to play chicken in the street, piper was captured by a concerned neighbor, lucy ran off and snuck back into the house like nothing happened and piper proceeded to have an impromptu sleep-over at a strangers house. and, being the glass is half empty type person that i am, said she was probably half-way to mexico by now and we weren't ever going to see her again.

the next morning we got a call from the henry's neighbor saying that they had piper and we could pick her up any time. THIS DOG GIVES ME GRAY HAIR.

nate and i have always said that piper would be the PERFECT dog if she didn't run away all the time. she loves (ok - tolerates) cash. she couldn't be more gentle with him (i even caught him playing in her food while she was eating and she just looked at him like, kid PLEASE.) the most hilarious thing about her is the way she snaps right to attention when she hears the B and D words (breakfast and dinner, of course.) i barely get the word dinner out of my mouth and she's at my feet like, can we have goldfish with dinner please? they're my favorite.
piper, modeling her christmas present.
i told dad last year that i was buying piper a sweater for christmas. i couldn't resist when i saw this little cable knit number at petsmart.
if dad were here, he would have rolled his eyes when i gave it to her. and then laughed when he saw her prance around like a little princess in it. and he would have secretly LOVED IT.

....btw, i had to wrestle her out of the dang thing - she's such a girl.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

this never gets old.

except when it does.
cash is a TOTAL momma's boy. especially right now. he's been sick for a couple days and NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE, can make him feel better.
it's tiring. but at the same time, wonderful.
a small part of me was always a little afraid that he would prefer someone else over me.
clearly, that's not the case.
and you know? i'm ok with it.

especially since when he's older and thinks i'm a big lame-ass i'll be able to whip these pictures out and say, SEE? you thought i was AWESOME then.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the scrap kind.

i haven't shared some of my pages in FOREEEEEVER. and honestly, i don't have a whole lot of time to scrap anymore. and the stuff that i have done hasn't been all that interesting either. but these are some that i'm actually kind of proud of. (and yes, the pictures SUCK. not only do i not have time to scrap, i REALLY don't have time to take good pictures of my pages.)

Monday, November 9, 2009


i would have bought him some new music.
and a birthday card from cash.
we would have spent the day celebrating his 50th birthday.
i would have been happy.
instead, i feel hollow.
heartbroken that he's no longer here with me.

never a day goes by that i don't think about him. miss him. cry.
some times the pain is dull - others as fresh as it was 7 months ago.
it will be with me for the rest of my life.

i love you daddy.
happy birthday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


halloween was rushed and completely unplanned this year. nate was at the restaurant, i didn't put my costume together until the morning of, cash was cranky and badly needed a nap...i could go on, but i'll spare you the complaining. even with all that, it was still a pretty good first halloween for cash. he only tricked and treated at grandma and momma mary's house, but he's not that into candy anyway. after wandering around neighborhoods with janet and the kids, we went to nathan and julie's annual halloween party where he experienced gummy bears for the first time (he's a fan.)

in other news: i gave myself a black eye today, the restaurant flooded from a leak in the roof, i now have a headache from said black eye and i am trapped at home until the dish guy gets here to fix our satellite. awesome.

Friday, November 6, 2009

sweet JESUS.

the gods of technology HATE ME. so far, in the past 2 weeks, my computer has broken, my phone has quit texting, my car is acting up ANDDDDD...our satellite went out last night.
so that's the reason behind my absence.
back to my regularly scheduled ranting soon.
(and do i EVER have some pent up anger to let loose.)