Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the reasons men are so useless

the baby crying does NOT mean he wants his mommy. nate likes to use this excuse when he can't get him to stop crying (after trying for like, oh - 2 seconds.) it's SO irritating. i get that he works all day and i don't right now, but buck up pal. if you don't want to calm him down, bust out the mop and do something useful.

((apparently he got the hint - he helped me scrub down the shower last night AND he scrubbed the toilet all on his own. woo hoo!))

Friday, January 23, 2009

thanks katy!

for sending me this awesome article :]

too bad i can't use any of these on the groom...last night we got into a big ol' argument about the color of the bridesmaid dresses. i thought we were decided on ocean blue. he wanted to wear a blue vest but didn't want to match the bridesmaids (i don't know, don't ask.) he suggested they wear yellow, which i thought wouldn't be flattering on the girls (you're welcome!) then he suggested they wear silver dresses and i actually started crying (silver?? in a garden wedding - wtf?) why can't he be a normal groom and not have any opinions??

((btw, i think we've compromised. the girls are either wearing blue or brown with a blue sash or something. and nate's wearing whatever he wants because i didn't care in the first place. eesh.))

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 months

can you believe it? i sure can't. it trips me out sometimes that he's ours and we can't ever get rid of him...not that we would want to...but you know. :]

i've discovered that staying home all the time makes me exceptionally boring. i've got no one to complain about (ok, that's not true but cash can't help it and nate? well...we've got to stick together - babies smell fear.) my usual annoying offenders were my co-workers. and seeing as i don't HAVE co-workers anymore (nope - no hint of bitterness there. hmph.) i can't vent about how much they irritate me.

one thing that does annoy me? neighbors. they suck. their kids are loud, they are loud, they leave their garbage by their front door (seriously? the dumpster is like 5 steps from the bottom of the stairs - quit being so damn lazy. make one of your brats take it down for christ's sake.) huh. guess i do still have things to complain about.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

my rockstar

he totally looks like he's playing air guitar, huh? love it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

bottle feeding = SUCCESS!

and he got it on the first try :]

thank god.

eta: i'm not switching over to bottle feeding exclusively...but i wanted to be able to let nate take over a feeding or two. so far it's worked splendidly. and the torture device...err, breast pump...isn't nearly as horrible as i thought it would be. woo hoo!

Friday, January 9, 2009

i know i'm cute.

it's such a burden.

((at least i think that's what he's thinking. it sounds better than, 'hmmm, i need to poop.' or 'if she points that camera at me ONE MORE TIME, i'm going to go all linda blair on her.'))

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

your daily dose of cuteness.


what an awful word. it sounds so....OLD. i'm still adjusting to this whole 'mom' thing. the name just doesn't sound right...not cool enough :] i need a hipper alternative.

that being said, i'm really starting to enjoy this whole experience. the first few weeks after coming home from the hospital were rough - not because he was a fussy baby or anything but because my hormones were on over drive and i was having a hard time 'connecting' with him. some women say that the instant they see their child they feel this crazy incredible bond - i really didn't. i would have chalked it up to all the medication, but i didn't really start to feel bonded to him until weeks after he was born. we've finally found some sort of rhythm with each other - and with him getting older and being more awake and playful, we actually have FUN together, as opposed to me being his meal ticket. (which, i still am...but you know...)

speaking of meal ticket...i can't wait to start bottle feeding him. (yup, i'm vying for that 'mother of the year' award.) to put it plainly...i kinda hate nursing (otherwise known as a TRUE testament to how much i love my son - because if i didn't, there is no WAY i would still be doing this.) being able to hand him off to nate for a feeding or two would be GREAT. and i'd be all over it in a heartbeat breast pump looks like a torture device.

this whole mom thing kinda blows.