Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my clothes are boring.

sooo nate and i went out last night (yes, OUT. to a BAR. the first place with no kids in a LONG time. hooray!) and i came to the depressing realization that my clothes are...really boring. i opened my dresser drawer to pull out something fun to wear and realized - hmmmm...i don't have anything fun. everything i own right now is 'easy to breast feed in.' i think i almost shed a little tear. i love clothes (and better yet, i love shopping) so how did this happen to me? so today, i shopped :] it was glorious. i got some fun shirts, a sweater nate is going to hate (heh heh) and some flip flops. and i'm a happy girl.

btw, if cash could talk, he would take a moment to apologize to his auntie lisa for being cranky and barfy last night. you know lisa, he only does that to the people he REALLY loves.

ETA: btw, going out and watching my cousins get completely sloshed was just what i needed after a month of deaths and funerals. kevin, i heart you and your air guitar and your kareoke rendition of aerosmith's dream on with nate singing back up. and danielle and nicole...i just plain love you. come back soon.

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