Friday, May 1, 2009

annnnd we're done!

my GOD, i thought this day would never be here. granted, we aren't done unpacking yet but...i can take joy in small victories, right? right.

here's the kitchen before:
no need to adjust the color on your computer screens - the cabinets ARE in fact painted blue and yellow, as is the counter tops. [[shudder]]

and after:

see why we stripped and stained the cabinets? so pretty now!

unfortunately i didn't get a good picture of the MAGNIFICENT tile job my aunt chris did (i heart you!) so you'll just have to take my word for it. anyhow, no more painting (YEEEESSSSS!)

since we live out in the country (granted, it's not THAT country. i still live about 5 minutes from a target and i can see our neighbors door from our bathroom window. i mean, it's not exactly walton's mountain out here) and we live down a loooong driveway, we have to burn our garbage. the burn barrel that was out here is chock full of ash and other crap that we need to clean out. we started (and gave up due to lack of proper disposal tools and...well, we just didn't want to) yesterday and found the following items amongst the ash and soot:
--rocks (not just a couple rocks, like a PILE of rocks)
--batteries (now that seems like a good idea)
--aluminum foil (tons of it. it's called aluminum for a reason, people)
--an entire stack of sports illustrated, partially burned (all swimsuit issues - woo!)
--beer bottles (which, after the aluminum foil, i'm not so surprised)
--and my personal favorite - a glass bong. i lost it at the last one - the former inhabitants of this place crack me up. fyi, glass doesn't burn. and if you are trying to dispose of say, drug paraphanalia that happens to be GLASS, you might try an actual garbage can. just sayin.

the water pipe fixed with aluminum foil and a rubber radiator hose is making so much more sense now...


  1. wow, what a cute little kitchen! and yes, the cabinets look a million times better. purple and yellow? what were they thinking?

  2. jennifer martinMay 2, 2009 at 7:18 PM

    Hey little miss. How are you? I would love to take you and baby Cash to lunch sometime. I truly enjoyed getting caught up with you thru your blog...I miss you!!!