Friday, May 22, 2009

at 6 months.

1. eats everything we put in front of him. and FAST.
2. won't stop jabbering.
3. scoots backwards on his belly and turns in big circles (can't figure out how to go forward and it makes him angry.)
4. loves the beach. and the dirt. and the grass. basically anything that's outside.
5. loves his doggy piper. and any other doggy he encounters (he literally squeals with glee when we go to the dog park.)
6. will grab your face with both of his chubby little hands and give wet kisses.
7. still loves bath time (and recently discovered splashing - fun.)
8. gets better at sitting up on his own every day.
9. still thinks farts are funny.
10. is seriously the most chill baby i've ever known.

we think he's the coolest :]

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