Friday, May 29, 2009


cash and i went to the beach with some of the scrap girls (last week? two weeks ago? hmmm...when was that?) for a couple days of relaxing (and some scrapping...duh.) cash was a super trooper the whole time. janet and i took him down to the beach the second day we were there so he could put his little toes in the sand (his second beach experience...the first one he slept through though.) he LOVED it. didn't put any sand in his mouth, which was kind of surprising. but he wiggled his toes around, grabbed handfuls of sand and giggled the whole time. janet got some A-MAAAZING pictures on camille's camera (which i have yet to get copies of...sniff.) there is one that's a close up of his chubby little feet and hands in the sand that i want blown up BIG for our living room. CAN'T WAIT.

eta: nate was pretty sad he missed the first real beach experience for cash...i have a feeling we will be hitting the beach ALOT this summer.

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