Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new mother.

people are constantly telling me they are amazed at what a relaxed new mom i am. i honestly don't know why i am - i just don't stress over stupid stuff i guess. i don't hold him all day long (mostly self-preservation since he weighs 20 pounds.) i don't care if the dog licks him in the face. or if his binky falls on the ground. he put nate's shoe in his mouth the other day and it didn't faze me one bit. it's only a matter of time before i won't be able to monitor every little thing that he finds so i figure a little dirt and germs now doesn't hurt.

nate on the other hand...well,i call HIM the new mother. because he frets about everything. cash is starting to sit up on his own now and nate hovers over him like a mother hen because he's afraid if he falls over he'll get brain damage (seriously.) drives me CRAZY. :]


  1. Oh my god...I know exactly how he feels...Gunner flopped himself over today and landed on the floor and I about freeked out and watched him for hours to make sure he wasn't lethargic and I didn't let him take a nap for a while either. The fact that he was sitting on top of two blankes on the carpet didn't make one bit of difference to me...I still fretted. The sad thing is that Adam is way worse then I am.

  2. oh crack me up! just don't put your kid in a plastic bubble, ok?? :]