Sunday, May 3, 2009

piper hearts the dog park.

piper has been living with us for almost a month and it's been...interesting. for those of you who don't know, she was my dad's dog. mom asked us to adopt her and we, of course, said yes. it has been surprisingly easy adjusting to life with a dog. she was already house trained (i'm guessing from the owner before my dad) and rarely chews on anything. until she got into the habit of running away from us every chance she gets, she was perfect. so right now she only goes outside to potty and even then she is on a leash. i feel kinda bad, since she loves to run BUT i'm not a big fan of chasing her down the driveway every day. REALLY not a fan.

anyhow, i think we have finally gotten to the root of the problem (aside from the fact that she has had several different owners in the past year.) nate discovered a dog park in keizer not too far from where we used to live and we've been taking her twice a week now - she loves it. she's SUPER friendly and loves playing with other dogs, so it's perfect for her. and perfect for us, because by the time she gets home, she's ready to pass out and snore the evening away. even on days when we don't go to the park, she's way mellow. there is alot of dog park time in our future.

cash hearts the dog park too :]

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