Saturday, May 23, 2009


(cue the hallelujah chorus please....)

yes, that's right - WEANED. my original plan was to start weaning him in june, so that by the time the wedding gets here, he'd be done. (gosh, just typing the word wedding makes me break out in a cold sweat.) the boy had different plans. honestly, as soon as he started eating food regularly, he quickly lost interest in breastfeeding (or as nate calls it, booby time.) within a week of him eating 3 square meals a day, he was down to a couple feedings in the morning and one at night. which turned to just a couple feedings in the morning. which turned to one feeding in the morning. and now to none.

and i don't miss it one bit.

though i will admit that i sort of miss the early morning 'booby time.' mostly because it was just easier to feed him in bed with us so we could fall back asleep together. but i don't miss it enough to keep going :]

so now our lives are full of pureed baby food (his faves? squash and applesauce, followed closely by carrots and peas. yuck.) 6-7 8 oz bottles of formula a day and a ton of rice crackers in between.

i've decided we aren't saving for his college - we're saving for the grocery bill when he hits puberty.

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