Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the first strawberry.

strawberry season is over for the year (is it just me, or did it seem REALLY short?) but i couldn't resist sharing his very first fresh strawberry.

nate (the ocd clean freak) flipped the F out when he saw him. it was rather hilarious. i don't know what he is going to do once the kiddo starts crawling (and no, he still won't crawl. more on that tomorrow.)

Monday, June 29, 2009

the plant killer.

i like to think of myself as having a black thumb. you know, the type that kills anything it touches? i've never been able to keep plants alive. i even kill cactus.

case in point: both of nate's mothers gave me plants recently (one for mother's day, one for my birthday) and i killed them both within a week. i even told nate's real mom, "you know, i'm going to kill that plant." and she was all, "all you have to do is water it once a day!" heh heh heh..."exactly. that won't happen." and you know what? i killed that plant in record time. every morning i would open the living room curtains, see the hanging plant on my porch and think, "hmmm, i should probably water that thing..." and then the baby would cry, or the dog would need to go out, or the coffee would be done brewing...and? i never watered it. not once. and it's brown, dead carcus is still hanging on my porch.

another case in point: nate's step mom got me a couple plants for my birthday. i smiled, said, "thanks...heh heh..." and proceeded to kill them too. didn't give them a second thought after that...one day, i happened to see them next to the shed, all shriveled and dead (ha, i rhymed) and thought, "his parents need to get to know me better. i can't keep collecting dead plants."

the moral of the story is...if it can't tell me it's hungry, it won't get fed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

piper, NO.

i am 100% convinced that these are going to be cash's first words. don't get me wrong, he loves that doggie (and reaches out for her to get kisses) but this dog needs NO encouragment. he asks for one kiss, she gives him a 100.

it's hilarious.

--and yes, i let my dog lick my kid in the face (the mouth too, if he's not smart enough to close it.) and yes, i do realize that the dog licks her butt. but i'm fairly certain that her mouth is cleaner than my floor, which cash licks all the time. therefore...i don't care.--

Friday, June 26, 2009


working on our wedding favors today. i've got to say, it's been SO much fun. nate and i love (love, love) music, so we're putting together a cd with some of our favorites on it. think queen, with jason mraz, david bowie, jeff buckley, biz markie and some michael jackson (not because he died, but because he was awesome) just to name a few. nate and i have some bizarre tastes in music :] but i really wanted the cd to reflect us, not just be a bunch of sappy love songs (blech.) and you know what? some music just makes me happy (like war's low rider - oh yes, that's on our list.) what's better then spreading a little music love?

.....i'll share the list when we get closer to the BIG day (which is in less than a MONTH. holyyyyyy crap!) too many of my guests read this and i want to surprise them!

from the beach trip...still trying to finish editing them. sigh.

eta: omg - i am SO excited about this. tim burton + one of my favorite fairy tales ever = TOTAL AWESOMENESS. I CAN'T WAIT.


sometimes i get the feeling that cash is going to be a little calvin. except his hobbes will be a sock monkey, not a tiger.

the first thing nate said when he saw this picture was, "ha ha, it looks just like that one calvin and hobbes cartoon when his parents are trying to get a picture of him and he keeps making crazy faces!"

we're in trouble...big time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


so our good friend (and julie's husband) nathan is marrying us. in order to make it official, we have to go through several 'pre-marital counseling' sessions and fill out questionnaires chock full of questions like, who should discipline the children? or who should take out the trash? (my favorite was, who should do the ironing? i answered neither...we don't even OWN an iron.) what struck me was that so many of the questions seemed like such common sense. do some people really get married before talking about this stuff? the dang thing took me all day to finish (it was 5 pages long!) and after going through all this, who would have the energy to divorce?

eta: i'm going to start calling nathan, father nathan. he's not catholic so i think it's funny....that was random...ahem, anyways....

nate finished his questions last night, so we swapped and read each others. we answered over half of them exactly the same (down to the wording.) and the ironing question? we both said neither. yup...i think it's meant to be :]

Monday, June 22, 2009

the father's day that would have been (and someone turned 7 months old.)

i would have called my dad first thing in the morning to wish him a happy father's day.

i would have bought him the new regina spektor cd.
and made him 2 cards - one from me, one from cash.

we would have gone out to dinner at mongolian grill, his favorite.
and i would have complained about it, because every time we went there nate would over eat and then stink me out of the house.

we would have laughed and talked over dinner.
and then had ice cream at coldstone. dad could never go out for dinner without getting desert.

that's how it would have been.

it was a strange sort of day yesterday. part of me was blue, missing my dad. and part of me wanted so badly to be happy and make the day special for nate. not exactly how i envisioned this first father's day. but enough of all that - guess who is 7 months old now!?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

no funerals in 2010.

it's not too early to make a new's year resolution right?

i've been to 6 funerals (that i remember) in my whole life - 3 of them have been in the last 2 months. and i'm done.

a former colleague died a week ago today - yesterday i went to his funeral. it was strange...i worked every day with this man and didn't realize i barely knew him. he was always sort of a pain in my ass. but he was a good man. and he will be missed.

when i got home from the funeral i was just exhausted. it made me think of how tired i must have been when i got home from dad's funeral. it's funny, i don't remember much about that day. little moments i remember...but i don't really remember how i felt. aside from numb. i guess it's probably a good thing i don't remember every detail - there are some moments in life that we are meant to forget.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

beachy toes.

finally got my hands on the pictures from cash's first beach trip - i've been dreaming about this one ever since! i want it big (i mean HUGE. double points for anyone who gets the pretty woman reference.) in my living room somewhere.

eta: photo cred goes to janet :]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

80s night.

seriously. there are NO words to describe how much fun this was. you know me, i'm up for any excuse to dress up. but the fact that everyone was so excited about this made it even better. we stayed at the hilton (where we got ready...i'm fairly certain we gassed out our entire floor with the stench of aquanet) ate dinner at the pizza place next to the crystal ballroom (no idea what that place was called) and then danced our way to blistered feet at lola's room. honestly...the most fun i've had in a LONG time.

i think danielle wins the outfit contest because she had a fanny pack. A FANNY PACK. and she bought it at the MALL. what is the world coming to?

the last picture of the night...heh heh, can you tell?

the next morning (ok...it was the afternoon...) we took a trip to voodoo donuts. it was pride weekend in portland so it was CRAZY, but it was soooo worth it.

this poor guy...i have to tell his story really quick. it was his bachelor party and his frighteningly inventive groomsmen had him dressed up in fishnet stockings, a hospital gown (he's a doctor at OHSU) and had him carrying around a blow up doll in scrubs. if that wasn't bad enough, they had written a whole stack of songs for him to serenade strangers with - he was a total super trooper and did everything they told him to. nate's so lucky his groomsmen aren't this organized!

thanks girls!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

meant for boys.

i was meant to play with trucks in the dirt.
and to buy stripey polo shirts and cargo shorts.
i was meant to pull slugs out of little boys pockets.
and to know why farts are funny.
i was meant to remove grass stains from jeans.
and to mend skinned knees.
somehow, i've always been meant to have a boy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

show me your 80s.

ya. it's like that.

((80s bachelorette party? BEST. IDEA. EVER. thanks girls - i had SO much fun.))

....more pictures to come...heh heh......


sometimes i forget just how awesome he is. life gets hectic and crazy and i don't stop to appreciate every little thing about him. i've been away from him the past few nights...whenever i get home from not seeing him for awhile i hold him extra close. snuggle him a little longer. breathe in his yummy baby scent in his neck folds. some moments i want to hold onto forever.

and others...not so much. like the moment he knocked the spoon out of my hand and got carrots EVERYWHERE, because he refused to eat for me. that moment i don't need to remember. i don't need to remember the moment he gladly ate for his dad either.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


was weighed and measured today - 22 lbs and 28 in long - can we say tubbo? in fact, all the outfits i bought for him to wear to the wedding are quickly getting too small. which makes me angry.

but he's cute. so i think i'll keep him.

((80s party tomorrow night - i can't WAIT!!!!))

Monday, June 8, 2009

a rainless sunday (and the realization that our wedding is 6 weeks away.)

my birthday bbq was rainless, woo! it was kinda cold and not all that pretty out but, meh. whatever. it was loads of fun (even though i got my butt kicked at croquet 3 times in a row.)

and the wedding? is in 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS. holy, holy shit. spent most of the day doing thank you cards from the shower (which are done...who knows when i will actually mail them. heh heh) and shopping for 80s wear (oh ya, did i mention i am having an 80s themed bachelorette party? hells YES.) i'm getting the wedding invitations printed tomorrow (and, god willing, mailed by friday) and am trying to tie up all the other loose ends...how does anyone plan a wedding AND work at the same time? it's exhausting (granted...most brides don't have a 6 month old...but still.)

this was our save the date announcement (which i neglected to share even though i mailed them out months ago.) it didn't turn out exactly as i envisioned, but i still love them.

and it occurred to me that i never shared my whole 'leopard print' comment a few weeks back (i've been a little busy, ok? baby, wedding and oh yes, needing a JOB. have i mentioned that?) a little backstory: we are planning our wedding festivities a little bit different. cocktails and dinner is going to be served first, with our actual ceremony at sunset, followed by desert and dancing (can't take credit for this idea - thanks janet and jean!) anyhow, doing it this way means i get to wear 2 DRESSES. and one of them is LEOPARD PRINT. i know what you are thinking...and yes, this is going to be the awesome-est wedding ever.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

hot off the press.

trying to catch up on editing and stumbled across these two little gems:

favorite pictures of nate and cash YET.

Friday, June 5, 2009

dear oregon,

we're a week into june already - wtf is up with the rain? all i'm saying is, i have a bbq on sunday and if it's not sunny and warm i am going to be PISSED. because i'm reasonably certain all the people i invited won't fit in my house. and it's no fun to be play croquet in the rain.

ps: tornado warning - really? if i wanted to huddle in my scary basement with the dog and the baby, i would live in iowa.

....for those of you who don't live in this area...we did indeed have a tornado warning yesterday. i don't think anything actually touched down, but we had wicked strong winds out by our house. we lost power for a couple hours but thankfully none of the trees in our yard fell over (a HUGE tree in the woods right behind us bit the dust though. and a smaller tree on the side of the house is now leaning precariously. but nothing too threatening.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


seriously. not only are these like, fantastic but the company is amazing. for every pair of shoes sold, they donate a pair to a child in need (quite possibly why they are so dang expensive.) either way, they are super rad. and someday, when i have money again (sigh...someday. did i mention i need a job? like...bad?) i'm totally buying these:

and these

and oh yes, these. for cash. freaking CUTE right? (maybe not $34 cute...but close.)

the great couch dive.

this was inevitable right? RIGHT?

so the other morning cash and i were laying on the couch (its shaped like an L, so i was laying on one side, him on the other with our heads side by side.) he was laying on his tummy and i had my hand on his back, just in case he decided to roll (you can see how well THAT worked.) i must have dozed off for a second because all of the sudden i felt him scoot out from underneath my hand. i opened my eyes just in time to see him scoot backwards off the end of the couch. his tush hit the floor, then he fell over onto his head with a thud. he laid there for a second, completely stunned then let out one hell of a scream.

sigh. guess no mother of the year award for me. later that day he fell over at the lake and bonked his head (and screamed.) and yesterday he bonked his head on a door jam (no screaming that time.)

i'm holding firm to the fact that i took a swan dive out of my high chair when i was little and turned out just fine (and you can keep your snarky comments to yourselves - i'm awesome.) ha!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


my 21st year was nothing like i expected. full of change. and sadness. and love. and heartache. and joy. and despair.

i'm ready to leave 21 behind. and see what 22 will bring me.