Wednesday, June 17, 2009

80s night.

seriously. there are NO words to describe how much fun this was. you know me, i'm up for any excuse to dress up. but the fact that everyone was so excited about this made it even better. we stayed at the hilton (where we got ready...i'm fairly certain we gassed out our entire floor with the stench of aquanet) ate dinner at the pizza place next to the crystal ballroom (no idea what that place was called) and then danced our way to blistered feet at lola's room. honestly...the most fun i've had in a LONG time.

i think danielle wins the outfit contest because she had a fanny pack. A FANNY PACK. and she bought it at the MALL. what is the world coming to?

the last picture of the night...heh heh, can you tell?

the next morning ( was the afternoon...) we took a trip to voodoo donuts. it was pride weekend in portland so it was CRAZY, but it was soooo worth it.

this poor guy...i have to tell his story really quick. it was his bachelor party and his frighteningly inventive groomsmen had him dressed up in fishnet stockings, a hospital gown (he's a doctor at OHSU) and had him carrying around a blow up doll in scrubs. if that wasn't bad enough, they had written a whole stack of songs for him to serenade strangers with - he was a total super trooper and did everything they told him to. nate's so lucky his groomsmen aren't this organized!

thanks girls!

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