Monday, June 8, 2009

a rainless sunday (and the realization that our wedding is 6 weeks away.)

my birthday bbq was rainless, woo! it was kinda cold and not all that pretty out but, meh. whatever. it was loads of fun (even though i got my butt kicked at croquet 3 times in a row.)

and the wedding? is in 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS. holy, holy shit. spent most of the day doing thank you cards from the shower (which are done...who knows when i will actually mail them. heh heh) and shopping for 80s wear (oh ya, did i mention i am having an 80s themed bachelorette party? hells YES.) i'm getting the wedding invitations printed tomorrow (and, god willing, mailed by friday) and am trying to tie up all the other loose does anyone plan a wedding AND work at the same time? it's exhausting (granted...most brides don't have a 6 month old...but still.)

this was our save the date announcement (which i neglected to share even though i mailed them out months ago.) it didn't turn out exactly as i envisioned, but i still love them.

and it occurred to me that i never shared my whole 'leopard print' comment a few weeks back (i've been a little busy, ok? baby, wedding and oh yes, needing a JOB. have i mentioned that?) a little backstory: we are planning our wedding festivities a little bit different. cocktails and dinner is going to be served first, with our actual ceremony at sunset, followed by desert and dancing (can't take credit for this idea - thanks janet and jean!) anyhow, doing it this way means i get to wear 2 DRESSES. and one of them is LEOPARD PRINT. i know what you are thinking...and yes, this is going to be the awesome-est wedding ever.



  1. Ooooh! Congrats! Weddings are fun! Of course... try and take it all in as much as you can because it goes by so damn fast you find yourself trying to remember the blur of the day. & have people take LOTS OF PICTURES! :)

  2. did i hear 80's themed party?...that's awesome! All you need is an "I heart Jake Ryan" shirt, some j.e.m. earings, a few space camp bangles, a jean skirt, some lace bottom tights, and retro keds lace-ups! Makes me happy just thinking about it. ahhh....

  3. ohhhh, lace bottom tights - that would be SO awesome!!