Wednesday, June 24, 2009


so our good friend (and julie's husband) nathan is marrying us. in order to make it official, we have to go through several 'pre-marital counseling' sessions and fill out questionnaires chock full of questions like, who should discipline the children? or who should take out the trash? (my favorite was, who should do the ironing? i answered neither...we don't even OWN an iron.) what struck me was that so many of the questions seemed like such common sense. do some people really get married before talking about this stuff? the dang thing took me all day to finish (it was 5 pages long!) and after going through all this, who would have the energy to divorce?

eta: i'm going to start calling nathan, father nathan. he's not catholic so i think it's funny....that was random...ahem, anyways....

nate finished his questions last night, so we swapped and read each others. we answered over half of them exactly the same (down to the wording.) and the ironing question? we both said neither. yup...i think it's meant to be :]

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