Friday, June 5, 2009

dear oregon,

we're a week into june already - wtf is up with the rain? all i'm saying is, i have a bbq on sunday and if it's not sunny and warm i am going to be PISSED. because i'm reasonably certain all the people i invited won't fit in my house. and it's no fun to be play croquet in the rain.

ps: tornado warning - really? if i wanted to huddle in my scary basement with the dog and the baby, i would live in iowa.

....for those of you who don't live in this area...we did indeed have a tornado warning yesterday. i don't think anything actually touched down, but we had wicked strong winds out by our house. we lost power for a couple hours but thankfully none of the trees in our yard fell over (a HUGE tree in the woods right behind us bit the dust though. and a smaller tree on the side of the house is now leaning precariously. but nothing too threatening.)

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