Friday, June 26, 2009


working on our wedding favors today. i've got to say, it's been SO much fun. nate and i love (love, love) music, so we're putting together a cd with some of our favorites on it. think queen, with jason mraz, david bowie, jeff buckley, biz markie and some michael jackson (not because he died, but because he was awesome) just to name a few. nate and i have some bizarre tastes in music :] but i really wanted the cd to reflect us, not just be a bunch of sappy love songs (blech.) and you know what? some music just makes me happy (like war's low rider - oh yes, that's on our list.) what's better then spreading a little music love?

.....i'll share the list when we get closer to the BIG day (which is in less than a MONTH. holyyyyyy crap!) too many of my guests read this and i want to surprise them!

from the beach trip...still trying to finish editing them. sigh.

eta: omg - i am SO excited about this. tim burton + one of my favorite fairy tales ever = TOTAL AWESOMENESS. I CAN'T WAIT.

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