Monday, June 22, 2009

the father's day that would have been (and someone turned 7 months old.)

i would have called my dad first thing in the morning to wish him a happy father's day.

i would have bought him the new regina spektor cd.
and made him 2 cards - one from me, one from cash.

we would have gone out to dinner at mongolian grill, his favorite.
and i would have complained about it, because every time we went there nate would over eat and then stink me out of the house.

we would have laughed and talked over dinner.
and then had ice cream at coldstone. dad could never go out for dinner without getting desert.

that's how it would have been.

it was a strange sort of day yesterday. part of me was blue, missing my dad. and part of me wanted so badly to be happy and make the day special for nate. not exactly how i envisioned this first father's day. but enough of all that - guess who is 7 months old now!?

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