Thursday, June 4, 2009

the great couch dive.

this was inevitable right? RIGHT?

so the other morning cash and i were laying on the couch (its shaped like an L, so i was laying on one side, him on the other with our heads side by side.) he was laying on his tummy and i had my hand on his back, just in case he decided to roll (you can see how well THAT worked.) i must have dozed off for a second because all of the sudden i felt him scoot out from underneath my hand. i opened my eyes just in time to see him scoot backwards off the end of the couch. his tush hit the floor, then he fell over onto his head with a thud. he laid there for a second, completely stunned then let out one hell of a scream.

sigh. guess no mother of the year award for me. later that day he fell over at the lake and bonked his head (and screamed.) and yesterday he bonked his head on a door jam (no screaming that time.)

i'm holding firm to the fact that i took a swan dive out of my high chair when i was little and turned out just fine (and you can keep your snarky comments to yourselves - i'm awesome.) ha!

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