Monday, June 29, 2009

the plant killer.

i like to think of myself as having a black thumb. you know, the type that kills anything it touches? i've never been able to keep plants alive. i even kill cactus.

case in point: both of nate's mothers gave me plants recently (one for mother's day, one for my birthday) and i killed them both within a week. i even told nate's real mom, "you know, i'm going to kill that plant." and she was all, "all you have to do is water it once a day!" heh heh heh..."exactly. that won't happen." and you know what? i killed that plant in record time. every morning i would open the living room curtains, see the hanging plant on my porch and think, "hmmm, i should probably water that thing..." and then the baby would cry, or the dog would need to go out, or the coffee would be done brewing...and? i never watered it. not once. and it's brown, dead carcus is still hanging on my porch.

another case in point: nate's step mom got me a couple plants for my birthday. i smiled, said, "thanks...heh heh..." and proceeded to kill them too. didn't give them a second thought after day, i happened to see them next to the shed, all shriveled and dead (ha, i rhymed) and thought, "his parents need to get to know me better. i can't keep collecting dead plants."

the moral of the story is...if it can't tell me it's hungry, it won't get fed.

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