Tuesday, July 7, 2009

now...this? was unexpected.

suddenly i find myself headed back to work for the very people that laid me off. the very people partly responsible for this strange downward spiral i've been on. i'll be doing a thankless job - one that involves letting hundreds of people know that the broker they used to do business with has died. a grim reaper of sorts. an ironic task, really.

it'll be strange going back there, even for a short stint. i don't have any bad blood with anyone there - being laid off notwithstanding. sometimes things just happen. and really...it was sort of a blessing at the time. and now, right when i was at the edge of true despair, someone from the office calls me and asks for help. i don't expect this to turn into anything permanent - in fact, i'm not sure i would want it to. but maybe this will lead to something else...and if not, at least it will get us through for right now.

sometimes things just have a weird way of working out.

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  1. yeah...i could see how this would be well...awkward. ugh.