Monday, July 6, 2009

piper doggy.

she wasn't such a fan of the fireworks. in fact, she had to sleep in our room friday and saturday night because she was so scared. we decided to leave her in the house while we headed to the farm for fireworks - i was afraid if we left her outside on her leash she would wiggle her way out of her collar and be gone for good. when we got home she met us at the door, all trembly and shaky. poor girl. then she did something that completely redeemed her from running away from us all the time.

i was in cash's room, feeding him a bottle and rocking him to sleep when she came bounding in, sniffed at him and me and then plopped right down on the floor next to us. every time she heard a loud boom from the fireworks, her head and ears perked right up, then she'd look over at us, like she was making sure we were still ok.

THIS is why i wanted a dog. we heart her.

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