Friday, July 17, 2009


so the other day i tweeted about piper's eye infection (i was want to call them twits...because i think that's funny. heh heh....annnnyways.) when i did, i was secretly hoping that she just got a bug in her eye or something and she'd be all better. well...not so much.

i noticed her scratching at her eye the day she ran away (which i want to tell her is TOTALLY karma and she should NEVER RUN AWAY AGAIN. but something tells me she'll miss the irony.) the next day it was all swollen and puffy. the third day it started oozing things (which, btw NATE, is NOT a sign that it's healing.) we decided we couldn't ignore it anymore and he got some doggie eye drops at petsmart. (it's in a little container that looks just like eye contact solution....which makes me think of doggie eye contacts....which makes me laugh.)

now we have to attempt to wrestle an 80 pound dog to the ground so that we can drip fluid into her eyes (which is NOT FUN.) can't say that i blame her can't get within a foot of me with eye drops unless i'm sedated.

all i've got to say is, this infection better clear up soon. she can't run around and play one-eyed without running into everything....and she looks so sad and pathetic that i keep feeding her table scraps. she's well on her way to gaining 5 pounds in a week. NOT GOOD.

also? this 'popeye' nickname is going to stick if i can't think of something else funny to call her.

eta: i tried to get a picture of popeye but she kept running away from me and cowering in shame.

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  1. oh poor puppy! i think you should call her the cyclops but cuz she's a dog...get it?!