Friday, July 3, 2009

the check up.

we just got back from his latest check up appointment - he's weighing in at almost 24 pounds, 28 1/4 inches long...sigh. what happened to him being all little? he was being all cute and smiley until the nurse gave him his shots...then he looked at her like, what the hell? i even SMILED at you and you still poked me!? poor kid.

sooo...i've got to get something off my chest. every once in awhile i pop over to a couple blogs i read on occasion, both of whom are new, first time moms. i only read them occasionally because...well...they annoy the hell out of me. i just don't understand a new mothers need to gush about her kid as if they are the first thing to ever poop in a diaper. i mean, i think my kid is pretty fabulous...but i feel like gushing about how he is more awesome than anyone else's baby is...rude. and annoying. and frankly, makes me feel a bit stabby. we get it - your kid's cool. can you talk about something else now??

....granted, i do talk about him alot. but i don't have a job - what else am i supposed to talk about? and i don't gush...right? please tell me i don't gush....

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  1. You definitely don't gush. I do though but it is my right as his grandma! BTW; love his shirt...