Saturday, July 4, 2009

the fourth.

it's going to be a strange one today...the fourth of july was my dad's favorite holiday. something doesn't seem right about not going over to mom and dads early to blow up monitors, computer towers and tvs. no making home-made firecrackers in the garage. no getting the tennis ball cannon ready. no exploding shot gun shells to get the party started. no road flares taped to propane tanks. no broken headlights from flying debris. no nearly catching the barn on fire with a wayward roman candle (ok...that was actually my grandpa bob, but dad is guilty by association.)

it's not going to be the same. but i still want to make it special. because not only was the fourth my dad's favorite holiday...but it's mine too. and i don't think he would want me to be sad on one of my favorite days.

so this is my moment to be sad...and to say i miss you dad. i'll shoot a roman candle for you.

fourth of july, 2006. shooting the tennis ball cannon at old appliances.

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