Tuesday, July 21, 2009

you know, i really don't have time for this.

it's no big secret that i'm not the world's best house keeper. i mean, it's not like we are living in piles of filth over here. basically, i clean when necessary. so the other day when nate left a pitcher of orange juice on the container without rinsing it out, thus inviting all the ants in the neighborhood into our kitchen, i didn't completely freak out. i sprayed, i scrubbed and squished every ant i could find. problem solved, right?

wrong. the next day i found a couple more on the counter. again, sprayed, scrubbed and squished. and the next day? a few more...spray, scrub, squish. but today? today, i freaked the F out. nate took some of the recycling off the counter and unveiled a nice little meeting place for the thousand ants that are now taking over my life. i was 'this close' to just taking a hammer to the entire kitchen, because i? do not have time to dismantel, spray and scrub everything 4 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING.

this only furthers my belief that living in the country would be perfect if the country didn't have inhabitants like spiders, flies, mice and ants. major design flaw, god. MAJOR.

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  1. Rinsing out pop cans doesn't seem so crazy anymore does it? It is the reason I don't mess with ants in my kitchen. Maybe mom isn't so crazy after all?? :)