Sunday, August 30, 2009

my god in heaven.


last night he was all drooley mcdroolerson with old man gums.
tonight he has a real live tooth.
i won't be sending my child off to kindergarten with a lunch box full of yogurt and applesauce. he can have carrots! and apples! and crackers that don't dissolve on contact!
i guess those ritual sacrifices i did last week worked.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the littlest monster.

the teething monster was on some sort of hiatus today. even though he did have several 'oh my god, the world is ending and it's all the dog's/the toy's/the laundry basket's fault' freakouts today. one of which resulted in the first self imposed bump on his head (forehead, meet shelf. scream like your head has been cut off for 10 minutes. be consoled with snuggles from mom and blanket. ANNNND, repeat. 3 times. NOT EVEN JOKING.)

did i mention he's pulling himself up now?
so now not only does he get into everything (my god, EVERYTHING. he shoved a whole pair of socks into his mouth today.) he also falls and bangs his head about 300 times an hour.
it's like, yay lets celebrate this new milestone! and then dammit, he's bashed his head on the floor. AGAIN.
weeeee! kids are fun.

also, we found out today that nate's brother is having a little girl!
thank GOD, because there is this disgustingly cute little purple dress at target that i've been dying to buy for someone.
we can't wait to meet you khalea.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i haven't been this excited in...EVER.

our wedding photos are online.
beyond amazing.

i can't freaking WAIT to get my hands on copies of them so you can see!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

where's the teeth?

cash is a chill kid.
almost always in a good mood - laughing and smiling and talking ALL THE TIME. so on the rare occasions that he was cranky, i whined and complained right along with him.

and then teething happened.
suddenly my sweet, happy little boy i gave birth to is gone and THIS THING has replaced him. this minion of the anti-christ that is CRANKY, ALWAYS CRANKY.
the only thing that will satisfy the beast is frozen blueberries.
but that always backfires when the explosion of green poop shoots out his tushy an hour later and ruins my life. and then gives him diaper rash. which makes him cranky.

god forbid you do something to upset the beast, because YOU WILL PAY.
so we pray to the tooth gods that today will be the day that he breaks a tooth.
because if i have to mash up my 12 year olds meat because he never grew teeth, I'M GOING TO BE PISSED.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

soooo...i've been a little busy.

i'm STILL going through all those beach pictures. these are my favorites from today (ha!) and i just took some pictures of cash and piper on her dog bed that are freaking hysterical - chances are i won't get them off the camera for at least a week. sigh.

with that being sad, my blogging time is getting few and far between. we've got something big and life changing going on (and NO, we aren't pregnant and you are INSANE for even thinking that.) and it's taking up a lot of my time. hopefully we'll be able to share it with everyone SOON.

gosh...when i started writing this i really had something more interesting to say. i've lost it.
oh well - happy wednesday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

ferret stories.

it's been a LOOOONG time since i've talked about our fuzzy little roommates. so long in fact, people have asked me if we even still have them!

yes, we still have this stinky little cuties. sadly, i just don't have time to play with them (or take pictures of them - these are from a year ago!) like i used to. they get out to play everyday...but usually by themselves. sad face.

it's funny, before cash was born i never thought i wouldn't have time for them. even when we were at the apartment, i still played with them everyday. but now with cash crawling and getting into EVERYTHING, i just can't find the time. i spent a little time with them and him the other day - he thinks they are hysterical. he especially loves saphira - she's the perfect size to pick up and munch on. (she? was not so fond.) i think i'll have to make a point of taking him in there with them a couple times a week.

funny story: saphira has a little bear that she loves (and takes everywhere with her - it's like her security blanket.) after piper got a hold of her (and practically ripped her little body in half) she has taken to moving her bear from hiding spot to hiding spot. the other day, nate went to put on a pair of his shorts and out fell her little bear. apparently she thought he was safe in nate's pants :]
frankly, he's better off in nate's pants drawer then in my underwear drawer where she usually hides him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

those people that said he would lose weight once he started crawling...

clearly have never met my son.

i bought him a 24 month-size sweatshirt today, put it on him.
and? it fit.
it was big. but not as big as it should be on a 9 month old.

i've already told mom that once he becomes a teenager, i'm going over to her house to eat.
i think she thought i was kidding.
but really...i'm not.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the married life.

my cousin texted me the other day asking how married life was.
i said it wasn't really any different, except it takes me an extra second to remember what my last name is.
i still haven't gotten my id/social security card changed (been a little busy, ok?) i think it's really going to hit me when my license no longer says Fordyce.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


makes me squeal and clap my hands together.
because it's perfect.

Monday, August 10, 2009

baby food.

cash recently decided that he is putting the kebosh on pureed food. honestly, can't say that i blame him, but considering he still has no teeth (STILL) it makes mealtime interesting. most days he'll still eat a tub of veggies (two if i'm really lucky,) which is a far cry from the 6 tubs of food a day he used to eat.

even though finding foods he can mash with his gums is a pain, it's awfully fun watching him discover new tastes. right now his favorites are honey wheat graham crackers, grapes and string cheese.

he's crawling like a mad man now - and since i don't mop enough (ahem...) it means LOTS of laundry. he recently started pulling himself up onto his knees too (the first time he did, he laughed like a maniac.)

and the boy that has a million toys? loves playing with the dvds (takes them off the shelf, puts them back, takes them off again - wee!) and pushing the button on nate's xbox. which is doubly hilarious when he does it in the middle of nate playing a game (heh heh heh.)

we heart him.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the beach.

we decided yesterday afternoon to take advantage of nate's uncle's beach house and headed off to lincoln city for the night.
turns out it was exactly what we needed.
we can't ever seem to take a trip without some sort of drama though - piper had an allergic reaction to the sand fleas last night. she's been hopped up on benadryl ever since. most of the hives are finally gone, so we think she'll live. :]

Friday, August 7, 2009

i may not be a morning person.

but catching awesome-ness like this makes it almost worth being awake.

(and i must confess, nate was the one who actually ventured outside in the cold to take this - but i was awake and witnessed it!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the wonder that is piper.

it's amazing to me how this dog manages to slyly make her way onto the couch when we're watching tv - even more amazed that she makes us ok with it. so when her eye healed up and she still hopped into bed with us, it was no surprise to me that we did nothing to fight it. it's actually pretty cute - she can be sound asleep on her dog bed, but the second she hears us turn the living room light off, she is one step behind us on the way to our room. we've finally got her trained to the point that she sleeps at the end of the bed (she even has her own blanket - good grief.) and when she starts snoring really loud we just give her a good nudge and she stops.

when she gets super annoying, i wonder why we let her get away with so much.
but snoring and bed hogging aside, she's a great dog.
and more than that, she was my dad's dog. and he would be SO happy that she's an indoor doggy who gets to sleep on the bed.
so i just grin and bear it when she pees on the floor and i step in it (like last night.)
because when i'm feeling blue, she knows it. and she'll climb into my lap and make me laugh.
she may be our problem child - but she does a pretty good job making up for it.

((this picture was from a few weeks ago - we have pretty blue sheets/curtains now!))

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

he sleeps like me.

the first time i saw him do it, it cracked me up. i slept the exact same way when i was a kid - on my tummy, with my butt straight in the air.

it's way cuter when he does it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

i've been holding out on you.

because these are two of the cutest videos i've ever FREAKING SEEN.

spreading the love.

i stumbled across this blog today - not only is their story heartwrenching and sweet, but their art is amazing. (especially his - tattoo art is so inspiring.)

and since i have about a MILLION pictures of cash that i've been wanting to share...
someone got a johnny jump up today! he's not as thrilled with it as i thought he would be...mostly he likes to stand on one leg and spin around. still keeps him occupied long enough for me to take a shower - best $8.50 i've ever spent!

we <3 saturdays.

in other news, nate is back to work (say it with me now - YAYYYYYYYY!) and it looks like i'm going to be working more regularly at the restaurant (mostly do to melody's begging - hey, it feels good to be wanted.) it's good timing since my project with coldwell is pretty close to being done.

happy saturday!