Monday, August 10, 2009

baby food.

cash recently decided that he is putting the kebosh on pureed food. honestly, can't say that i blame him, but considering he still has no teeth (STILL) it makes mealtime interesting. most days he'll still eat a tub of veggies (two if i'm really lucky,) which is a far cry from the 6 tubs of food a day he used to eat.

even though finding foods he can mash with his gums is a pain, it's awfully fun watching him discover new tastes. right now his favorites are honey wheat graham crackers, grapes and string cheese.

he's crawling like a mad man now - and since i don't mop enough (ahem...) it means LOTS of laundry. he recently started pulling himself up onto his knees too (the first time he did, he laughed like a maniac.)

and the boy that has a million toys? loves playing with the dvds (takes them off the shelf, puts them back, takes them off again - wee!) and pushing the button on nate's xbox. which is doubly hilarious when he does it in the middle of nate playing a game (heh heh heh.)

we heart him.

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