Monday, August 17, 2009

ferret stories.

it's been a LOOOONG time since i've talked about our fuzzy little roommates. so long in fact, people have asked me if we even still have them!

yes, we still have this stinky little cuties. sadly, i just don't have time to play with them (or take pictures of them - these are from a year ago!) like i used to. they get out to play everyday...but usually by themselves. sad face.

it's funny, before cash was born i never thought i wouldn't have time for them. even when we were at the apartment, i still played with them everyday. but now with cash crawling and getting into EVERYTHING, i just can't find the time. i spent a little time with them and him the other day - he thinks they are hysterical. he especially loves saphira - she's the perfect size to pick up and munch on. (she? was not so fond.) i think i'll have to make a point of taking him in there with them a couple times a week.

funny story: saphira has a little bear that she loves (and takes everywhere with her - it's like her security blanket.) after piper got a hold of her (and practically ripped her little body in half) she has taken to moving her bear from hiding spot to hiding spot. the other day, nate went to put on a pair of his shorts and out fell her little bear. apparently she thought he was safe in nate's pants :]
frankly, he's better off in nate's pants drawer then in my underwear drawer where she usually hides him.

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