Friday, August 28, 2009

the littlest monster.

the teething monster was on some sort of hiatus today. even though he did have several 'oh my god, the world is ending and it's all the dog's/the toy's/the laundry basket's fault' freakouts today. one of which resulted in the first self imposed bump on his head (forehead, meet shelf. scream like your head has been cut off for 10 minutes. be consoled with snuggles from mom and blanket. ANNNND, repeat. 3 times. NOT EVEN JOKING.)

did i mention he's pulling himself up now?
so now not only does he get into everything (my god, EVERYTHING. he shoved a whole pair of socks into his mouth today.) he also falls and bangs his head about 300 times an hour.
it's like, yay lets celebrate this new milestone! and then dammit, he's bashed his head on the floor. AGAIN.
weeeee! kids are fun.

also, we found out today that nate's brother is having a little girl!
thank GOD, because there is this disgustingly cute little purple dress at target that i've been dying to buy for someone.
we can't wait to meet you khalea.


  1. harry. his brother kip already had their little girl...i can't remember her name. something hawaiian.