Thursday, August 6, 2009

the wonder that is piper.

it's amazing to me how this dog manages to slyly make her way onto the couch when we're watching tv - even more amazed that she makes us ok with it. so when her eye healed up and she still hopped into bed with us, it was no surprise to me that we did nothing to fight it. it's actually pretty cute - she can be sound asleep on her dog bed, but the second she hears us turn the living room light off, she is one step behind us on the way to our room. we've finally got her trained to the point that she sleeps at the end of the bed (she even has her own blanket - good grief.) and when she starts snoring really loud we just give her a good nudge and she stops.

when she gets super annoying, i wonder why we let her get away with so much.
but snoring and bed hogging aside, she's a great dog.
and more than that, she was my dad's dog. and he would be SO happy that she's an indoor doggy who gets to sleep on the bed.
so i just grin and bear it when she pees on the floor and i step in it (like last night.)
because when i'm feeling blue, she knows it. and she'll climb into my lap and make me laugh.
she may be our problem child - but she does a pretty good job making up for it.

((this picture was from a few weeks ago - we have pretty blue sheets/curtains now!))

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