Tuesday, August 25, 2009

where's the teeth?

cash is a chill kid.
almost always in a good mood - laughing and smiling and talking ALL THE TIME. so on the rare occasions that he was cranky, i whined and complained right along with him.

and then teething happened.
suddenly my sweet, happy little boy i gave birth to is gone and THIS THING has replaced him. this minion of the anti-christ that is CRANKY, ALWAYS CRANKY.
the only thing that will satisfy the beast is frozen blueberries.
but that always backfires when the explosion of green poop shoots out his tushy an hour later and ruins my life. and then gives him diaper rash. which makes him cranky.

god forbid you do something to upset the beast, because YOU WILL PAY.
so we pray to the tooth gods that today will be the day that he breaks a tooth.
because if i have to mash up my 12 year olds meat because he never grew teeth, I'M GOING TO BE PISSED.

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