Thursday, September 24, 2009

the jig is up.

i've been terribly secretive about what's been going on in our lives lately...well more secretive than usual. there are definitely some things that i just don't talk about here...mostly out of the need for some shred of privacy.
but nate and i have been working on a 'little' project for some time now that i've been keeping under wraps.
WE'RE OPENING A RESTAURANT. (internal scream of terror.)
not just us...our best friends rob and janet are our partners in this little venture. it's actually something that we've been talking about for well over a year - and this year, of all years, seemed like the perfect timing.
crazy? yes.
exciting? yes.
heartburn-inducing? OH HELL YES.
but it's also something we're really excited about.
so (understandbly) i've been a bit distracted and preoccupied.
and no, i can't tell you anything else :]
but soon - hopefully.

in other news, i cut all my hair off - weeee!
nate hates it...but anything that isn't long, he hates. so his opinion can't be trusted.
happy thursday :]


  1. I love it!!! Restaurant, hair cut; all of it...

  2. the hair is fab, restaurant too!!

  3. oooooh, I'm excited tohear more. Where's it located? What kind of food? When's the grand opening?!? How exciting, I can't wait to hear more details. Congratulations!

    And tell Nate that it's pretty much standard for women to chop their hair off once children come along...there's just not time it. I think it looks great. =)