Sunday, September 6, 2009

the sick one.

cash has a cold.
and there has never been a MORE SICK KID IN THE WORLD.
or at least you would think so the way he is carrying on.

mommy needs a drink.
and a xanax.

(plus, i think it is HILARIOUS that he's wearing a bib that says 'mommy loves me' when i'm sitting there taking pictures of him scream. i can't help it, his mad face is funny. and when he really gets into it his whole body turns bright red. kind of like the hulk.)

eta: if you zoom in (alot) you can see a little tiny tooth peeking out. the tooth that caused a thousand screams, if you will. p.s. - it's SHARP. he bit me the other day. NOT FUN.


  1. They need to make bibs that say "She doesn't love me" just for mommies like you... :)

  2. I'm sure you've seen the onesies that say "Mommy drinks because I cry." that's what this reminded me of .... but in a funny kind of way. Not that I actually believe you drink yourself stupid because your child is crying lol