Sunday, September 13, 2009

the tarantula

it's not often that i find a spider (tarantula, if you will) that nate finds equally huge and scary. so when i do, i secretly do a little jump for joy that i'm not the only one grossed out by hairy things with 8 legs.

today is recycling day (or as i like to call it, day when i try to do recycling whilst avoiding finding mice, spiders or the drooling knuckle-draggers i'm sure lurk in the dark corners of our shed.) so there i was, minding my own business, reaching for a stray bundle of aluminum foil that missed the metal recycling and went in with the pop cans when i spotted him. THE BIGGEST SPIDER EVER. after i resumed breathing, we proceeded to stare at each other for 3 hours. me, deciding if i had the nerve to squish him. him, deciding whether or not to suck my face off. i finally decided to back away and leave him be. mostly because i was too scared that he would lunge for me if i tried to kill him.

about 10 minutes later nate went into the shed to get the metric ton of diapers to take to the dump. i followed him in and asked, "did you see the tarantula?" (nate rolls eyes. i don't know why he never believes me.) "no." i point towards the blue recycling bin, "look in there." "whoa, that IS big." and he proceeds to bring the bin out onto the patio, into the light. "damn, look at him!" then he tipped the bin over, the spider jumped out and sucked his face off.

...ok, not really, but that TOTALLY COULD HAVE HAPPENED....

what really happened was the tarantula tried to make a break for it, causing nate to chase after it with his slipper.

us - 1, tarantula - 0

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  1. Just one question. Did Nate squeal like a girl when the spider tried to get away??? :)