Tuesday, September 1, 2009

why we ALWAYS buy insurance for nate's phone.

since nate and i started dating, he's been through easily a dozen phones.
in four years.
the very first phone i remember him having had a broken antenae (back when phones HAD antenae) a cracked screen, 2 buttons were missing and he had to shake it every time he answered it or made a call.
he's dropped his phone in the sand and in a giant bowl of whipped cream.
he's lost it at the water front park and left it in a subway.
he's had to replace several other phones for actual phone malfunctions (one wouldn't charge, another one's hinge broke...it goes on and on really.)
and there was that one time i ran his phone over with my car (i blame pregnancy brain on that.)
and this weekend i washed his phone with the laundry (i blame doing laundry before coffee on that.)

that, my friends, is what you call bad phone kharma.

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