Friday, October 30, 2009

mr. no sleep.

most days i don't mind shouldering 90% of taking care of cash and the house by myself. especially right now, when nate has so much on his plate.
except for nights like tonight.
nights when i want to lock the baby and the dog in the house, get into my car and drive to mexico. i'm reasonably certain piper can keep cash from burning down the house or playing with the kitchen knives until nate got home. if she could change a diaper and make a bottle, i could be gone for DAYS. (plus, i could forgive her of all her sins. more on THAT, later.)
or nights when i want to throw the baby at nate as soon as he walks in the door and lock myself in our bedroom with the covers over my head. (throwing a nearly 30lb baby at someone whose been on his feet for the last 16 hours probably isn't a good idea though.)

i'd like to take a minute to tell all those people that the newborn months are the toughest to BITE ME. BECAUSE THAT IS A LIE. i'm more tired now than i EVER was when he was a newborn (granted, those months are a little fuzzy. the most i remember was his period of wanting to party like it's 1999 at 1:30 in the morning. oh, the informercials! booty bump, anyone?) the boy has decided that he now longer wants to sleep through the night and demands a bottle/diaper change at 2:00 in the morning (kid can SOAK a night time diaper in 4 hours. he must have a bladder the size of a basketball.)

between mr. no sleep and everything else going on, i now find it perfectly acceptable to go to bed at 9:30. and to drink my weight in coffee at 7:30 when he decides it's time to be awake, after waking me up 2 and 3 times the night before. also? i tell everyone who even mentions that they are thinking about having kids, DON'T DO IT. be happy with your dogs and your late nights partying and your clothes not covered in questionable gooey substances. SERIOUSLY.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

size six.

to make a long story ruined a pair of shoes today (muddy pumpkin patch + kid who refuses to walk = MUD EVERYWHERE. including inside his ear.) so mom and i went to target to look at getting him some new shoes.
looked in the baby aisle - no shoes his size.
went to the little kid shoe section. picked up a size 3 and laughed. his feet were that size when he was born.
picked up a size 5, thinking he could grow into them. THEY BARELY FIT.
ended up buying him a pair of size 6.
let's review: he's 11 months old, wears 18 month size clothing, WEARS SIZE 6 SHOES.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the leap of faith.

we've FINALLY opened.
and i still get heartburn every time i think about it. but in a good way (if that's possible.)
i think this is as good a time as any to say this: i love to write. and this blog gives me a place to tell all of my silly little stories, NOT a place to talk about our business. so this will be the first (and probably last) time i link the two blogs together. i believe whole-heartedly in not censoring myself - unfortunately, i can't always do that now. for that reason, i'll try to keep them as separate as possible.
the good news is, i'm really going to try and keep the burger blog updated OFTEN. so if i'm going to be blogging for one...i might as well do both, right? i'll be back to my regularly scheduled silly-ness here soon :]

Monday, October 19, 2009

this one.

--finally pushed his second tooth through (without the aid of me sacrificing a small animal - the ferrets are thankful.)
--would eat kiwis and blueberries all FREAKING DAY LONG if i let him.
--is completely capable of walking but refuses to.
--dances whenever there is music playing (his dancing is limited to shaking his head back and forth. hilarious AND brain damaging.)
--turns 11 months old on wednesday.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the pumpkin patch.

cash and i were bored on saturday so we decided to hit up the pumpkin patch.
he rode on cartwright.

he was NOT a fan.

he loved this pumpkin (it didn't come home with us.)

he thought robert drumming on the pumpkin was the funniest thing ever.

and his aunt lisa let him play in the fountain.

he got soaked. and loved it.

we'll be back again soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the graveyard bell.

so a few weeks back mom, lisa and i (and nate and cash) went to pick out dad's headstone.

(nate and i walk in. mom and lisa are both standing over a piece of marble.)

mom: what do you think of this one?
me:'s pink.
lisa: you don't like it?
me: it's PINK.
mom: i take it that's a no.
me: IT'S PINK YOU GUYS. if i let you pick out a pink headstone for dad, he'll march right down from heaven and kill me. seriously. VETO.

(needless to say, we settled on green.)

anyways, while we were there i started telling the owner that i wanted a bell on my grave - you know, like the bells they used in europe during the plague? just in case you weren't dead, you could ring the bell and get dug up? i totally want one because i think that would be HILARIOUS. and if i really get my way, i want it to have a motion sensor to ring every time someone walks by. (insert evil laugh here.)

and that, right there? is one of those moments that i miss dad the most. because he would have thought that was awesome. and laughed (and not nervous laughter like that guy did.) dad and i loved morbid, somewhat creepy stuff like that. the more esoteric, the better (also? bonus points to me for using 'esoteric' in a sentence. that was another thing about my dad - he was amazingly smart. when i was younger, i believed without a doubt that he knew the answer to everything. so when i was about 10 years old and he asked me what edelweiss was, i about fainted. and he loved to use huge, ridiculous sounding words just to irritate me. some of them i'm convinced he made up. when he was feeling really snarky, he would even drop big words into his emails with links to to prove that they were real.)

with all the big changes going on in our lives right now, i'm having a hard time shaking my sadness. i wish so desperately for him to be here so i can bounce ideas off of him. and send witty, sarcastic emails back and forth. it's been a rough week and i've had a terrible time dealing with it. i'm ready to be done with it.

on another, somewhat related note: my sister lasted a whole 5 (ish?) weeks of football season before she bought cash a jersey. i marvel at her restraint.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

baby pirate.

seriously though - insanely cute right? i cant't WAIT for halloween.
in other news...well, there really IS no news. the restaurant still isn't open (BIG FAT SIGH) but i'll keep you posted :]
and i took cash for his 10 month check up the other day - all i've got to say is, THIS KID NEEDS TO LEARN TO WALK. LIKE NOW. he's off the charts for his weight (27.5 lbs, thank you very much) and 95th percentile everywhere else (31 inches. !!!!) i'm getting a little tired of hauling his bowling ball butt everywhere.
just saying.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the cat is out of the bag.

we've made a little announcement.

that's right - BURGERS. glorious, fresh ground DAILY, burgers. and hand-cut, twice fried french fries. AND TOTS - hand-made out of this world tots. AND THE CHILI, MY GOD THE CHILI.

can you tell we're a little passionate about the food?
so there's the big secret. we've managed to keep it under wraps for a LOOONG time - most of the employees at WNC didn't even know. THAT'S how freaking awesome we are (WBC even had a code name.) it feels really good to finally get it out there. and even better that there are so many people truly excited about it.
watch for when we reveal our open date (because even we aren't sure when that's going to be) and a brand-spanking new website and blog dedicated to the goodness that is the WBC burger.

special thanks to Gino and KandN for the awesome write-ups on the eatsalem blog - you guys rock!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

the art of deviation.

our schedules are busier than ever - with the hopes of having a trial run next weekend, we're going nonstop to make things happen at the restaurant.
i spent more time in my car today than out of it.
and my phone was attached to my ear the whole time.
but the significance of today didn't escape me.
6 months. it hardly seems possible that dad has been gone that long.
most nights i have dreams about him. i often wake up feeling like i've just talked to him.
and i go out to the cemetary almost weekly to talk to him. (frankly, that's the thing i miss most. i often found conversations with him infuriating and yet - i was always going back for more. he always found me terribly amusing. i miss that banter.)
truthfully, it didn't really hit me that today was the first, that it was 6 months ago today, until tonight.
but with everything else going on right now, i don't have the space in my head to be upset about it. i'll file the sadness away for another day.
the art of deviation.
i'm the master.