Friday, October 30, 2009

mr. no sleep.

most days i don't mind shouldering 90% of taking care of cash and the house by myself. especially right now, when nate has so much on his plate.
except for nights like tonight.
nights when i want to lock the baby and the dog in the house, get into my car and drive to mexico. i'm reasonably certain piper can keep cash from burning down the house or playing with the kitchen knives until nate got home. if she could change a diaper and make a bottle, i could be gone for DAYS. (plus, i could forgive her of all her sins. more on THAT, later.)
or nights when i want to throw the baby at nate as soon as he walks in the door and lock myself in our bedroom with the covers over my head. (throwing a nearly 30lb baby at someone whose been on his feet for the last 16 hours probably isn't a good idea though.)

i'd like to take a minute to tell all those people that the newborn months are the toughest to BITE ME. BECAUSE THAT IS A LIE. i'm more tired now than i EVER was when he was a newborn (granted, those months are a little fuzzy. the most i remember was his period of wanting to party like it's 1999 at 1:30 in the morning. oh, the informercials! booty bump, anyone?) the boy has decided that he now longer wants to sleep through the night and demands a bottle/diaper change at 2:00 in the morning (kid can SOAK a night time diaper in 4 hours. he must have a bladder the size of a basketball.)

between mr. no sleep and everything else going on, i now find it perfectly acceptable to go to bed at 9:30. and to drink my weight in coffee at 7:30 when he decides it's time to be awake, after waking me up 2 and 3 times the night before. also? i tell everyone who even mentions that they are thinking about having kids, DON'T DO IT. be happy with your dogs and your late nights partying and your clothes not covered in questionable gooey substances. SERIOUSLY.

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  1. Girl, you crack me up!! You never fail to entertain your momma...