Thursday, October 1, 2009

the art of deviation.

our schedules are busier than ever - with the hopes of having a trial run next weekend, we're going nonstop to make things happen at the restaurant.
i spent more time in my car today than out of it.
and my phone was attached to my ear the whole time.
but the significance of today didn't escape me.
6 months. it hardly seems possible that dad has been gone that long.
most nights i have dreams about him. i often wake up feeling like i've just talked to him.
and i go out to the cemetary almost weekly to talk to him. (frankly, that's the thing i miss most. i often found conversations with him infuriating and yet - i was always going back for more. he always found me terribly amusing. i miss that banter.)
truthfully, it didn't really hit me that today was the first, that it was 6 months ago today, until tonight.
but with everything else going on right now, i don't have the space in my head to be upset about it. i'll file the sadness away for another day.
the art of deviation.
i'm the master.


  1. you sure are, i don't know how you do it. you are so much more SANE than me...not that THAT is any big surprise to you! ha! i love you friend.