Saturday, October 3, 2009

the cat is out of the bag.

we've made a little announcement.

that's right - BURGERS. glorious, fresh ground DAILY, burgers. and hand-cut, twice fried french fries. AND TOTS - hand-made out of this world tots. AND THE CHILI, MY GOD THE CHILI.

can you tell we're a little passionate about the food?
so there's the big secret. we've managed to keep it under wraps for a LOOONG time - most of the employees at WNC didn't even know. THAT'S how freaking awesome we are (WBC even had a code name.) it feels really good to finally get it out there. and even better that there are so many people truly excited about it.
watch for when we reveal our open date (because even we aren't sure when that's going to be) and a brand-spanking new website and blog dedicated to the goodness that is the WBC burger.

special thanks to Gino and KandN for the awesome write-ups on the eatsalem blog - you guys rock!


  1. oh sarah (and janet and rob and nate), you've just made my day. =) now, where's this little ditty located?

  2. awesome! 1405 broadway - the old noodle location. :]