Thursday, November 26, 2009

minus one.

piper ran away yesterday. AGAIN.
unfortunately, this time she wiggled out of her collar. which means she's out roaming the countryside sans any sort of identification or way to get her back to us.
i'm heartbroken over it.

if this had happened with any other dog, i would have been sad.
but she was my dad's dog. i clung to her when i was the saddest - she had a way of comforting me that no one else could.
maybe because i knew how much my dad loved her.

she was a giant pain the ass.
and there were definitely some days i wished she wasn't a part of our family.
but now, all i want is for her to come home.

hopefully she will find her way back to us.
but for now, our little family is minus one very special dog.

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