Sunday, November 22, 2009


cash --
you're one years old - ONE. frankly, your dad and i can hardly believe all three of us have made it this far, ALIVE. that alone makes this year a win.

you're walking more and more every day - you still like to hold on to someone's finger when you're walking.
you have started to throw little mini tantrums. you'll wave your arms up and down, make this spurting sound, flop down on your butt and then bang your head on the floor. i'm not such a fan. i can just see you doing this in the toy section of target someday. it's going to be fun.
you still love the bathtub - even if there's no water in it. one day i heard the sound of bottles falling into the bathtub - i went into the bathroom and found you sitting in the tub, in your pajamas surrounded by all the soap and shampoo bottles. to this day, i have no idea how you got in there without hurting yourself.
you still love music - you bob your head and shake your little bum when it's something you really love.
you only have two teeth on the bottom, but you work them extra hard. there isn't much that you won't try to mash into oblivion with those two little teeth. you love fruit (blueberries and kiwis are your fave) and you're a big fan of cheese and bread. your hot and cold on the veggies still. hopefully that will change.
you know the meaning of no - one time you started to touch the tv and i said, cash NO! you stopped, looked at me and then slowly reached out and touched the tv anyway. i had a hard time not laughing at how clever you are. i'm pretty sure you get that from me.
you tolerate the dog, but you find the ferrets fascinating.
you can play catch with one of piper's rubber balls by rolling it back and forth. you squeal and laugh every time i roll it back and you catch it on the first try.
you are finally sleeping all the way through the night (!!!) but you don't sleep in like you used to. mommy misses that.

you really are the best.
i'm so lucky to be your momma.

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