Friday, November 13, 2009

the wandering piper.

so a few weeks ago, we thought for sure we were going to become dog-less. to make a very long story short, piper and lucy got out of the henry's backyard while we were over for dinner, decided to play chicken in the street, piper was captured by a concerned neighbor, lucy ran off and snuck back into the house like nothing happened and piper proceeded to have an impromptu sleep-over at a strangers house. and, being the glass is half empty type person that i am, said she was probably half-way to mexico by now and we weren't ever going to see her again.

the next morning we got a call from the henry's neighbor saying that they had piper and we could pick her up any time. THIS DOG GIVES ME GRAY HAIR.

nate and i have always said that piper would be the PERFECT dog if she didn't run away all the time. she loves (ok - tolerates) cash. she couldn't be more gentle with him (i even caught him playing in her food while she was eating and she just looked at him like, kid PLEASE.) the most hilarious thing about her is the way she snaps right to attention when she hears the B and D words (breakfast and dinner, of course.) i barely get the word dinner out of my mouth and she's at my feet like, can we have goldfish with dinner please? they're my favorite.
piper, modeling her christmas present.
i told dad last year that i was buying piper a sweater for christmas. i couldn't resist when i saw this little cable knit number at petsmart.
if dad were here, he would have rolled his eyes when i gave it to her. and then laughed when he saw her prance around like a little princess in it. and he would have secretly LOVED IT.

....btw, i had to wrestle her out of the dang thing - she's such a girl.

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