Thursday, December 31, 2009


(stuart and i - fordyce christmas)

i never make new year's resolutions. mostly because i don't like to fail. or plan ahead.
but seeing as this is the start of a new decade (and i REALLY like being non-committal - poor nate) i'm making goals for the next 10 years.
in 2020, i'll make some new goals (unless the world implodes in 2012. which would kinda suck. upside? according to the mayans, i don't have to stress about buying christmas presents that year.)

anyways, back to the goals:
buy a house.
grow our business and move into a bigger location.
have another baby.
get nate 'fixed.' (in that order.)
go on a honeymoon.
spend lots of weekends at the coast.
get more tattoos (to be fair - those are goals for 2010.)
get professional family photos done.
take family vacations.
go on more dates with my husband.
and be generally awesome :]

what are your goals for this year?


  1. oh sarah, you're so hilarious. and i'm very curious about tattoos. you said, get more...does that mean you have one (some) already? I want to see!!

  2. alycia:

    it's the only on i have :] so far!