Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas memories.

these are some of my favorite christmas memories:

i'll never forget the year i was SUPER sick and throwing up all christmas eve. dad stayed up with me all night. i remember waking up early in the morning, looking over and seeing him sitting at the end of the couch, reading a book and rubbing my leg.

the christmas santa got everyone in the family little disk guns (these toy guns that shot red disks.) mom rued the day she decided that was a good idea. we are STILL finding those disks in the house.

how dad was almost always the first one up christmas morning. i would always come down stairs to the living to find him sitting on the couch going through his goodies. we used to tease him that he was worse than us.

the christmas dad bought mom a new microwave but instead of just wrapping it, he put it in a bigger box with a layer of bricks on top. i'll never forget the look on mom's face when she opened that giant box of bricks.

the christmas lisa got a really funny book and spent the entire day laughing her head off.

the christmas mom got me the 'pregnant barbie' just because i wanted to see how it worked (her stomach had a magnet on it. it was really creepy.)

the christmas we drove down to california in the little VW Bug. i remember being wedged in the backseat with all my presents on the way back home.

how every christmas dad and i would go tree shopping together. we'd always argue over how big of a tree we should get for the house (my argument? i remember our trees being HUGE as a kid. his argument? he's always gotten the same size tree, i'm just taller now. he usually won.) and how we would almost always stop at E.Z Orchards for spiced cider donuts.

how every christmas mom and i would decorate the tree together and watch White Christmas (easily one of my favorite movies of all time.)

christmas is my favorite (after halloween.)
i hope your christmas is full of magic.

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  1. i love that i have a friend who loves halloween and christmas like i do!!! Sigh, this post...making me miss your dad again. :) i love the relationship between you two...perfection. and btw i totally hear ya on the tree thing...they WERE bigger when we were little...and come on, lets be honest...we haven't grown THAT much! (unfortunetly!)